Essays on Honor Codes

Controversiality Of Cheating

The debate about the usage of honor codes can be seen in every faculty system, from elementary schools to colleges throughout the nation. As a student grows older, the issue of respect within itself is based on its own dignity. Some say that honor codes struggle to eradicate school fraud, but this is not the...
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Honor Codes: How Warriors Should Live While Also Keeping Subject To Society

“They don’t make them like they used to.” Have you ever noticed yourself murmuring this phrase when you’re frustrated at something, just wishing that things could be like they used to be? A common feeling, it’s responsible for distorting the realities of our collective past and making us think that everything ‘then’ was a lot...
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The Academic Honor Code: Problem Of Cheating

All through the US and the world, resources are being used throughout middle school and high school to abuse the honor code. This honor code, expresses that they are not permitted to cheat or take another understudy’s work that is not theirs and to ‘…build trust among students and to take care of a tutorial...
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