Essays on Honour-Based Violence

Impact of Domestic Violence on Health and Wellbeing: Vulnerable People

Introduction It is estimated that, worldwide, almost one-third (30%) of all women who have been in a relationship have experienced physical and/or sexual violence inflicted by their partner (World Health Organization, 2013). The UK Office for National Statistics (2015) reports that the most common types of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) are non-sexual partner abuse...
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Domestic Violence In New Zealand

To the outside eye, New Zealand seems to be the closest one can get to paradise on our planet. Dreamy landscapes filled to the brink with animals exclusive only to New Zealand, historical landmarks and a fascinating Maori culture which is still present despite the modernization. New Zealand is famously known for its symbolic biculturalism,...

Long-term Psychological Influence of Domestic Violence

Abstract Domestic violence is, violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner or even children. With domestic violence there is always a victim, and these persons may suffer long-term effects psychologically. This paper will explore those effects through looking at least two articles, one a public...
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Domestic Violence: Unfriendly Impact on Children and Women Because of Abusive Behaviour at Home

Introduction. Jeevasuthan and Hatta’s[footnoteRef:1] study report an unfriendly impact on children and women because of abusive behaiouvur at home. Children, particularly, are the most defenseless focuses as it seriously impacts physical and mental development. Alongside prevented development, they likewise face a crowd of difficulties and dangers for their life. Significant casualties of abusive behavior at...

Fundamental Attribution Error in Rape Culture: Responsibility and Blame of Victims

Abstract This paper reviews the work of two studies on the responsibility and blame of victims. Cohn, Dupuis, & Brown (2009) prepared two studies to investigate responsibility based on resistance and reputation. While Untied, Orchowski, Mastroleo, & Gidycz (2012) created a study to measure responsibility responses towards victims and perpetrators. The intent is to recognize...
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