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Hospital-Acquired Infections

Introduction and aim of work The United States (US) center for disease control and prevention (CDC) recognizes Hospital acquired infections (HAI) as one of the 10 leading causes of deaths affecting hospitalized patients in the US. HAIs affect nearly 1.7 million hospitalized patients in the US, with 98,000 of those eventually dying (Haque, 2018). This...
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The Problem Of Hospital Staffing

A large community hospital is having difficulty staffing and retraining staff. There are more problems according to the article I was handed during class. The hospital is making unfair decisions, for example, the hospital is deciding to raise community hospital employee’s paychecks, but keeping patient’s costs the same. Additionally, the employees are starting to second...
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Hospital Acquired Infection: Transmission And Prevention

Modes of transmission: Direct person to person transmission: (Infected patient, staff members, or visitors) Indirect transmission through (Equipment, hospital producers) Transmission through air Anyone who goes to the hospital and gets their medical treatment has the risk of Nosocomial infection, some people are at higher risk than others, including the following: premature babies and very...
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