Essays on Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy: Cardiovascular System

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to explain to the reader the cardiovascular system and to also widen the readers knowledge of this system. This will also include a case scenario which will look at a person that is suffering from active chest pains and other symptoms more commonly linked to a possible Myocardial...
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Application Of Augmented Reality In Medical Education: Study Of Human Anatomy

Abstract— Medical education is a course that integrates knowledge of Human Anatomy. Augmented Reality (AR)-assisted instruction has infrequently been applied in understanding the function and working of human body parts. With help of Augmented Reality the aspiring students who pursue medical can learn and practice medical in an interactive manner and interested in learning. However,...
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Academic Report: Personal Reflection Of Anatomy Study

Introduction Anatomy focuses on the study of the structures that makes up the human body. My understanding and mentality about the human body have intensified and upgraded my knowledge. However, as I continue with the academic report of anatomy. I will be reflecting on what I have learnt and studied during my science topics. The...
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