Essays on Human Development

Human Development In Relation To Counselling

When client’s come into the therapy room it is usually due to a desire to change, or as a result of their lives changing in some way. As counselors we must have the skills to help make sense of that change, assess its direction for the client and understand its meaning for each client. Human...
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Human Growth And Development

Infancy In infancy, social development is important, so the infant learns how to communicate with others for the first time. From newborn, baby’s will demonstrate engagement by fixing their eyes on the person who’s feeding them and from as early as 4 weeks will start to smile. By their first year, baby’s will learn to...
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Human Growth And Development: Adolescence

Adolescence is the third stage of human development, and it is known that this phase is a brisk progression in life. The difference in the transformation from childhood to this phase is outstanding. It must be understood that this stage is crucial; There are essential changes that are taking place within the physical, emotional, social...
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