Essays on Human Generations

Analysis of Marriages between First-Degree Relatives and the Consequences on Future Generations

This paper will discuss about marriages between firs-degree relatives and the consequences of these cultural practices on future generations of children. Marriages between firs cousins is a common cultural practice among Muslim community and not only. Researchers followed 13776 pregnancies in Bradford and found that 6.1% of children born to first cousins had congenital anomalies...
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Aliens and Us: Existence Of Extraterrestrial Life

Aliens and Us These days in the field of astronomy, ‘’Extraterrestrial Life’’ is a hot potato. Everyone is trying really hard to Find out if Alien exists or Not? This universe is almost 93 billion light-years stretched, our earth as compared to this distance is almost nothing. To think that life doesn’t exist beyond our...

Influence Of Pop Culture On Young Generation: Opinion Essay

Today’s popular culture has been liked with technology. we live in time of invitation, technology where modern youth have accessibility to technology between smartphones, laptops and other social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram) to name the few. Todays youth can participate in popular culture either by following their favourite artist, actor or sport athletics....
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Human Evolution: Homo Habilis Versus Neanderthals

Do culture and nature represent human evolution in a way that defines what is a human? What make human? What makes humans different from other animals especially African apes and monkeys? The human brains had developed into bigger brains and have been able to learn more complex analytical skills than our ancestors. Evolution has shaped...
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Human Evolution: Homo Habilis Versus Homo Erectus

Hominin adaptation was significantly important. The cultural hominids were the most successful and the noncultural eventually went extinct. Cultural behavior made a difference between survival and death. Cultural behavior is a product of natural selection. Cultural behavior drew the line between life and death for Homo habilis, lucky this is what helped them survive for...
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Human Evolution: Homo Erectus's Characteristics

Homo erectus is the species that most closely resembles Homo sapiens, having appeared before we did. Erectus originated in Africa around 2 million years ago. More specifically near East Turkana. This is evident due to earlier species of the genus homo originating from Africa as well. Homo erectus was a species that had quite a...
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Applied Evolution: Human Health And Medicine

Applied is “put to practical use as opposed to being theoretical (Merriam-Webster, n.d.).” Evolution is ‘the changing of an organism over generations.” If you put these two words together the definition of applied evolution is the practical use of the changing of an organism over generations. Specifically, in this essay you will read how applied...
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Great Generation And Its Obstacle - Great Depression

Being born between 1910-1925 or growing up in the 1920s/30s you were a part of the Greatest Generation. It was basically depicting the generation who were the offspring of the Great Depression and who turned into the grown-ups of the Second World War. It was a generation that distinguished itself from others, by means of...
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Evolution Of Human Communication

Definition of Communication ·ommunication is sending and receiving information between two or more people. It maCnly stands on sharing common information, ideas and messages. The person sending the message is referred to as the sender, while the person receiving the information is called the receiver. The word Communication came from ‘communicare’, which means to share. History of Communication Some of...
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