Essays on Human Nature

Machiavelli’s Views On Human Nature

One of Nicolo Machiavelli’s most famous books The Prince unfolds the designs of powerful state which he believed was necessary for stability and freedom. He discusses that people are generally self-interested but their affections for other people can be won or lost. They can be trust-worthy sometimes but they can also be selfish and deceitful....

The Mind-body Dualism And Human Experiences

What is this, that I am experiencing right now as I type this? And what was it that I was experiencing the other night, when I could barely sleep, kept awake by my thoughts racing? What is it that is giving me these words that I am using right now? I know that we have...
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The Notions Of Self And Identity In Early Modern Philosophy

Descartes conceived the anatomy of the human body as a ‘mechanical structure’, maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between itself and its environment in order to function. Animal and plant bodies, as well as their behaviours, were thought of mechanistically. In his early writings, Descartes accounts for the interaction between the soul and the body in terms...
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Human Nature Vs. Animal Nature: What Distinguishes A Human

Introduction I will be arguing that the statement; “there is something special about human nature in comparison to other animals” is partially true. Despite humans and other species having similar genetics and similar traits, the human brain seems to be the most developed and the most complex in comparison to other species. I will begin...
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Philosophical Interpretation Of The Mind-body Problem

Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist, commonly referred to as the “Father of modern philosophy” was one of the pioneers in trying to understand the philosophy of the mind. His idea of Cartesian Dualism: the belief that the whole world divides into two completely different metaphysical realms, the physical realm of extended material...
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Defining Human: The Difference Between Human And Non-human Nature

The aim of this essay is to focus and expansively explore the human and animal nature based on what does it mean to be human or animal and most important what distinguishes the human from the non-human, which in this case are the animals, furthermore, developing a dangerous idea deduced from the question above. Many...
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Locke's And Hume's Views On Self And Personal Identity

Introduction In the 17th and 18th century Britain had a diverse number of philosophers especially the Platonist kind. However, as scientific innovation became advanced modern philosophy began to encounter a shift. This was a paradigm shift that acknowledged that knowledge was gained primarily through the five senses. The foundation for obtaining knowledge was anchored in...
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Discussion Of Hitchcock's Work: Rear Window Reveals Truths About Human Nature

Rear Window reveals truths about human nature. Discuss Although often characterised by its crime plot, the compelling 1954 thriller ‘Rear Window’ directed by Alfred Hitchcock elaborates many uneasy aspects of human nature. While a chilling neighbourhood murder and a love story are woven into the storyline from the perspective of an injured photojournalist, L.B.Jefferies, whose...
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Animal Ethics: Human Versus Animals

I wanted to talk about a different aspect to animals, different from the presentation we did. Certain animals are picked to be loved and not to be harmed and kind of why certain animals are chosen this way even though all animals feel pain just like us humans. . Like when comes to family, many...
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