Essays on Human Sexuality

Male Sexuality Enmeshing With Rise Of Fascism

Valorizing celibacy The renouncing of sexual life by young men is reified by other cultural beliefs regarding loss of strength by the falling of the seed. The valorization of brahmacharya (celibacy) is taken to incredible lengths in Hindu religion. Thus, religious texts are replete with statements like, “Brahmacharya is so powerful that by strictly following...
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Sexuality And Social Acceptance

Sexuality is a persons sexual orientation or preference. Sexuality is a broad spectrum and is deeply personal. It is about understanding the sexual feelings and attractions people feel towards others. Everyone’s sexuality is different, some people may only be attracted to one sex where as others may be attracted to a diversity of people –...
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The Time When Human Sexuality Begins

Human Sexuality begins at birth and not at puberty as others posited and repressed memories from the sixth to eight year can leave their mark on the neurotic (Freud et al., 2001, Pg. 174,175). Human Sexuality, being normal sexual life, aberrations or neurosis can result from how a person navigates through Psychosexual Stages. A child...
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