Humans and Other Species: What Are Humans Doing to Stop Animal Cruelty

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I decided to choose this topic because I want to investigate and learn about the way people are treating animals, and what is being done to prevent abuse from happening. There are so many poor blameless creatures getting hurt, shot, dying in pain all around the world, but surely there is a good part of the world where people want to help animals from being treated badly – what I hope to learn. I want to know why innocent elephants are losing their lives by dying, killed for their horns, precious tigers are being shot by hunters and cute domestic animals being misused for ‘fun’ or ‘retaliation’. If there weren’t animals around the world it would be boring, just us humans living and no companionship and I don’t think there would be a thing called ‘science’ because 60% of the subject talks about animals and species and 40% for the rest. It is also known that humans are animals as well, then what is the point of hurting a species that is the same type as you? There is no reason to hurt a species that has not done anything wrong to you.


About 71% cases of animal abuse have been reported to the authorities which means, the more professionals hear about it, the earlier they can involve in the animal crime scene, and the more professionals can prevent the animal abuse from happening, and the higher the result comes out successfully. The PAWS (Pet & Women Safety) act provides shelter and housing assistance for domestic violence survivors to enable them to better meet the housing needs of survivors with pets. About 198 people have been able to stop 198 animals from being slaughtered each year. Many posters about animal cruelty have been touched by lots of people in the world, which is why they’re deciding to be vegans. ‘‘Animals shouldn’t just be injected, poisoned, or shot just for the soap, shampoo, or the lip balm that we use,’’ says one protester from Hartford County, Connecticut, United States. 100 million animals die from animal testing-both wild and domestic with about 150,000 reports in a day within 27 seconds. Governments (in countries like America) have decided to create laws that must be accepted by everyone. 3 of the common ones are, no hunting, no experiments on animals and no zoos or animal entertainments should be displayed.

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Problems and Solution

Many people in the world have feelings for animals and think they deserve to have rights, while many don’t. There should be peace between the human world and creature world but countries like Canada allow people to kill and eat animal that they own. There are some families that consider their pet/animal as part of their family and not property. Also, the governments in some countries like India, are making demanding and strict laws on how they must be treated as an altar of respect. If people of India don’t follow, they may get beatings, abused or even get killed which may be cruel, but that’s the law. The government in India are also encouraging their people to be vegetarians as eating animal meat is forbidden. A woman named Anita Roddick, once decided to make a shop that provided quality skincare products sold in different container and sample sizes without being animal tested. Since then, people had been influenced and decided to make shops that doesn’t require animal testing such as Lush, Bath & Body Works, Milani and so on.


In my opinion, most cruel humans aren’t taking animals seriously except as food, as they complain that ‘’they are lower on the food chain’’ when there’s an option that doesn’t include abuse or harm to animals – eating vegetables. While researching, I thought that the majority of humans in the world would care for animals, fighting hard to prevent animal cruelty. The government of countries like India/Hong Kong are very strict, particularly on animal cruelty, but how about the rest of the world? In the old days, not many people were caught eating animals, for they knew they would be fined a lot of money. Modern laws are less strict now and countries like Canada don’t care about animals being threatened to death. Though, before starting the essay, I thought chances of people caring about animals more, would come out good, with chances that most people do care for the world and its environment but I was not the results that would come out in google wouldn’t be good. Some debate websites would have people fighting about their opinions on how animals deserve to have rights and not be abused for no reason, but there would always be a group of people with negativity.

Summary and Conclusion

To summarise and conclude it all, I say it’s unfair for all those animals around the world being thrown out from their heartless pet owners into the streets, leaving them to feed for themselves. Many caring people do send them into an animal shelter the moment they see an animal left outside the streets lonely and dying from hunger, but some animals aren’t as lucky as they are. I have also discovered about people not knowing how to take care of their pets/animals properly as they might forget to perhaps; adjust the collar, not to make it too tight or forget to brush and clean them to prevent any disease. But a few people have decided to stop this animal abuse/cruelty to reduce the number of animals dying around the world. Governments in many countries try changes, by making strict rules as how it is in India, Hong Kong, China and many more. People have also put on posters around their district, to stop careless people from eating animal food and prevent abuse from happening to innocent animals. Lots of websites are made every day to encourage people report to the authorities if they see any animal cruelty mischief.




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