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General Overview Of Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria was a deadly Category 5 hurricane that hit Dominica, St. Croix, and Puerto Rico and it happened in September 2017. Puerto Rico was the place that was mostly hit, the island’s entire population of 3.4 million people had been affected by Hurricane Maria. 3,057 people died and more than 4600 were injured. It...
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Natural Disasters: Characteristics Of Hurricane

Hurricane is a strong storm that goes around in circle, the wind is very strong, if the wind is less 39 mph then the name for this will be tropic depression and when the wind is higher than 39 mph it will be called tropical storms and the wind can go up to 79 mph...
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Hurricane: Characteristics And Impacts Of Natural Hazard

1. Define the natural hazard A natural hazard is a natural phenomenon that might have a negative effect on humans or the environment. Natural hazards can cause a negative effect and impact on humans and the environment as natural hazards can damage the environment and can cause serious injuries to people. Natural hazards occur from...

General Overview Of Hurricane Wilma

Throughout history it is shown that hurricanes are one of the deadliest natural disasters known to man, as they have left houses in ruins, caused people to become disabled, or worse, dead. While the west coast focuses more on tornadoes and volcanoes, the east zeros in on the hurricanes that can lead to much more...
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Storm: General Overview Of A Hurricane

A hurricane is a storm with violent wind and often originated from tropical storms. Canada and the United States are countries that are often subject to destructive hurricanes, mostly in Category 5. This assignment mainly focuses on the hurricanes that occurred in North America. To begin, forty percent of total hurricanes occurred in the U.S....
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Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

1. Review the key phases of disaster recovery as outlined in chapter 10 of the textbook. Disaster Recovery is an important process in Information Security, when it occurs, we need system to get back on track as quickly as possible. There are five phases of disaster recovery as outlined in chapter 10 by authors (Whitman,...

Storm: Hurricane Florence And Its Impact On The Carolinas

Introduction Hurricanes are known for their potentially destructive nature, and with that comes an economic impact that can halt the productivity of most coastal cities . The east coast of the United States is especially prone to major hurricanes, which is made evident ever year a storm affects the region. According to the official information...
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