Hurricanes And Winter Storms In Southern California

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At the peak of the 2019 winter season Southern California was hit with a deadly Pacific Storm. The Storm hit with heavy rainfall and snow that was followed by strong winds. Road conditions were very slippery due to heavy rain, a total of 4 deaths and 15 injuries due to vehicle crashes on roadways. According to Associated Press (AP), members of the Aventure County search-and-rescue team were hit by a minivan when it lost control on Interstate 5. Not only were roadways affected but air traffic was heavily affected by the storms. Five people died when a small plane crashed into a home shortly after it took off from Fullerton Municipal Airport. Due to the forest fires weeks before, the heavy rain caused massive mudslides, which in turned areas nearby had to be evacuated.

Hurricanes are easily the most common types of storms, with the United States getting around a few per year. Hurricanes bring in floods from storm surges, heavy rainfall, and strong winds that can also lead to tornadoes. Winter Storms are similar to hurricanes in that they are both storms that are spinning, but because hurricanes only form over warm water oceans winter storms tend to be a little different. Winter Storms happen in low temperature areas bringing in snow and as well as wind

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Hurricanes and winter storms have their individual effects on land. Hurricanes only occur over warm water oceans therefore they will only bring in rainfall. Along with rainfall hurricanes bring in strong winds which lead to storm surges. Storm surges are like tsunamis caused by the force of strong winds associated with hurricanes. Hurricanes main damage is caused by flooding and strong winds. Winter Storms can bring in different types of precipitation since they do occur at lower temperatures based on that they can vary. For example, winter storms can bring snow or sleet, which are like ice pellets, or freezing rain which occurs when the rain turns into ice when it hits the ground.

Winter Storms and hurricanes are both devastating but they each are dangerous in their own ways. If a hurricane hits a populated area it can be very destructive and expensive. Winter Storms on the other hand can cause different types of damage. For one winter storms usually involve snow or ice so sometimes evacuations are not possible because road conditions are so bad cars would not be able to drive and that could just make it worse. In addition to that winter storms can cause widespread power outages which can leave a city paralyzed for days. It really depends on where one is located, for example a winter storm in northeast United States can be deadly if people are left without power or heat for days in freezing temperatures. At the same time areas like Florida or Louisiana are always subject to deadly hurricanes or even tornadoes.

With winter storms obviously comes a lot of snow, this snow lands on trees and houses and puts a lot of pressure on these structures. Several feet of snow buildup on roofs can cause them to cave in on the house, snow on trees or power lines also adds a lot of pressure and can cause them to fall over possibly damaging nearby structures. After a winter storm passes, heavy snow can melt and cause flooding. Most hurricanes

Preparing for these individual hurricanes is very different. Since they can cause different damage, preparation has to be done specific to the storm. Before the hurricane hits you have to make sure you have emergency kits, that should include enough water and food for a few days, medical items, flashlights, and first aid kit. Protecting your house is key too, if placed properly sandbags can save your house from flooding. Adding shutters to your windows is a must because high winds can pick up debris and if they hit your window and it shatters there is nothing you will be able to do then. Winter storms are ideally the same with just a few changes, because of freezing temperature you have to prepare to keep yourself warm. Insulation is key to preventing the cold from entering your home.

During winter storms it is best to stay off the roads as much as possible because road conditions will be very dangerous. The less you go outside the better but if you must wear sufficient clothes. Knowing signs of frostbite and hypothermia are very important for winter storms because they are very common in those times. During if an evacuation is called for evacuate ASAP, if not stay at home or somewhere you know you are safe. Never go in a closed attic because if water levels rise it could trap you in there. Stay off the roads as much as possible and if you see flood water do not attempt to drive through them at all.

North Carolina is a state that experiences both hurricanes and winter storms. Hurricane Florence and a 2018 winter storm will be used to compare the effects of these two types of storms in similar areas. In early winter of 2018 North Carolina was hit with a big winter storm. Some areas were hit with 1-2 feet of snow in a matter of a day. Hundreds of crashes were reported with at least three confirmed deaths. Hurricane Florence dropped a maximum total of 35.93 inches of rain in North Carolina. Left about 500,000 people in both North and South Carolina without power. Throughout all of North Carolina hurricane Florence costed about $17 billion. In this situation, Hurricane Florence did cause more damage than the winter storm because the overall size of the hurricane compared to the winter storm. Besides that the winter storm occurred only months after Florence hit so the state was still recovering.


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