Essays on Hydraulic Fracturing

Arguments For And Against Hydrofracking: Opinion Essay

It is with great gratitude that you yourself have invited me to share my views on hydraulic fracturing also known as “hydrofracking”. Before I state whether I am for hydrofracking or not, I would like to provide some background knowledge. Hydrofracking is a drilling technique that supplies energy in the way of natural gas and...
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Impact Of Hydraulic Fracturing On Earthquakes

Is Hydraulic Fracturing Responsible for Earthquakes? Introduction to the Controversy Hydraulic Fracturing knew as ‘fracking’, is a process that is carried out by drilling horizontally down the earth using intense high-pressure to extract Earths resources. By injecting millions of gallons of water containing sand, salt and other toxic chemicals which is then placed into shale...

Arguments For Hydraulic Fracturing: Opinion Essay

I am a current citizen and resident of the state of New York and a landowner. The land I own has been a source of hydraulic fracturing, a process that extracts natural gas that can be used to generate energy. As a landowner, a resident of New York, and a proponent for new, reliable forms...
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