Essays on Hygiene

Analysis Of Low Hygiene Practices

Irrefutably, through the common lens of basic necessities, clean water is required to achieve proper sanitation and when both the components are ensured, it will lead to hygiene and hygiene is key to health[endnoteRef:1]. As hygiene is a broader term of vicious cycle of health and any compromise with hygiene may give detrimental results related...
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An Overview On The Hygiene Hypothesis

Starting from very early on in our history, illnesses have been commonly associated with lack of sanitation and “too much” human interaction. Parting from the fear of getting sick, people in the twenty-first century, especially new parents, have drastically limited their families’ and own selves’ exposure to unknown and presumably dirty conditions. This is no...
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Food Hygiene For Health

Introduction: Hygiene is very important and basic topic in our daily life. Sometimes we ignore hygiene that leads high diseases rate and food spoilage. Food is contaminated by many harmful and unwanted substances that lead spoilage and diseases. So, safety of foods from contaminants and unwanted substances, microorganisms and insects is called food preservation or...
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