Importance of Love and Freedom for Development of Democracy in our Society

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The vision of achieving solidarity among human beings is a recurrent theme in the work of Fromm and other psychologist social theorists. The urge to receive everything depends on the aspects of love, protection, knowledge and material ability. Parents should focus on developing their children based on individual prior experiences as a tool to shaping a child’s characters. The attitude of self-confidence is assumed as the best technique for oneself to achieve and realize his desires. People are characterized with dreams and self phantasies to which they lend on establishing character and social processes. Oral sensation refers to the expression of attributes related to body language. Self-sufficient and autarchic attitudes are the main factors to development of individual connection. The aim of the paper is to provide an overview on how to embrace freedom and love as the major attributes to develop a democratic society. Fromm’s article outlines the essence of integrating emotions and attitudes as the measure to equip ourselves with personality norms in our societies. Even though, the Western culture does not emphasize on emotions as the measure to develop individual virtues, we should embrace freedom as the crucial element to equality and sign of love to each other. Love can generate democracy among the people, we should adopt characters of love and respect since they are the main factors that result to freedom.

Feeding or defecation are the main factors that contribute to development of love and oppression among parents, children, and friends. Friendship or defiance should be incorporated to children as the major tool for children to fight frustrations and over-stimulation. According to Fromm, the creation of awareness to a disunited existence of human beings acts as the core source of shame and feelings of guilt. There should be means to develop solutions on existential dichotomy based on love human powers and reason. Fromm developed the value of love from unreflected popularity. Fromm considered love as an interpersonal form of creativity capacity, instead of emotions. Fromm considered love as an exemption to creative capacity to outline the essence of true love among us. Most of the countries experiencing warfare are exposed to disunity among their citizens. The spirit of among the people results to hatred, this leads to lose of love for one another, as a result the right to democratic rights are lost. The idea of people falling in love was considered as a failure for people to comprehend the true nature of true love. People believe love to consists of care, responsibility, respect, and knowledge elements. The relevant authorities should enact laws and regulations that prevent people from engaging in unnecessary warfare.

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Fromm related Torah’s story to that of Jonah to point out the the virtues of care and responsibility. In the current generation, few people respect the autonomy of their fellow human beings more than the value they have for their own people. In this perspective we ought to embrace democracy by use of care and love attributes. The element of freedom in human nature as the best method to embracing humanity social norms. The practice of embracing freedom is health but the use of escape models is the core cause of psychological conflicts among human beings. In the current societal patterns, most of the people use escape mechanisms as a method of frustrating love through different means. The automaton conformity model can be used to change the ideal conformation of oneself through the perspective of the society’s preferred social norms. In cases where one loses the true self, he is exposed to the burden of choice in the society. People should use authoritarian mechanisms as a way to controlling oneself to another. The element of being submissive to other people can be used to remove freedom of choice. Destructiveness provides the general element to eliminate others through escape mechanisms on freedom. Fromm outlines how the World is getting destroyed by desperate attempts aimed at saving our identity from getting crushed. Fromm used the word biophilia to provide a description on how productive psychological orientation can be used to exhibit the state of humanity. Man should chose progressive strategies to incorporate unity among the forces of humanity through orientation as discussed above. Love for humanity and nature can help in the creation of Independence and freedom among the people. The elements of care and responsibility exhibit signs of love for each other, through love we able to create laws and regulations that cannot intimidate the rights of other people. The act of upholding humanity rights is essential since they can generate democracy practices.

The work of Fromm on the Escape of Freedom emphasizes on the human desire to seek the sources of control and authority through achievement of freedom depending on the nature of human beings. The critique of Fromm’s work exhibits the essence of individual true desire and capitalistic systems useful for seeking sights on medieval feudalism. The lack of value individual freedom outlines the structure to rigidity and obligations based on feudal societies. Lack of personality freedom is the main source that hinders people from achieving the ultimate value of love. The society is only characterized by medieval feudalism because most of the individuals lack their own freedom. The inability to posses personal freedom results to isolation among people. The ability to have distinctive and unquestionable structures in the social World results to a meaningful lifetime foundation. In every society we are grouped according to social classes which are only determined by resource allocation. People are born in particular economic positions that create livelihood determination by traditions.

There is only one single method that can be used to produce the best resolutions to individuals across the World. The active participation of man in solidarity across the globe should consist of spontaneous actions of love and freedom. People should embrace the spirit of freedom and independence as the major factors to balance economic, social, and political circumstances. One should not offer basic realities on individual levels. The lose of individual ties and security elements act as an unbearable burden to creating of freedom. The mentality of ignoring burdens to freedom can help in the creation of a powerful tendency to identify. Powerful tendencies emerge from freedom escape that can be used to attain social relationships based on the virtue of love. Fromm outlines the key elements that both parents and guardians should use of shape the characters of their children and enhance the development of their cognitive development.

According to Freud, escape freedom is the major element to achieve individual characterization. The content to comprehend educational models plays a significant role on general analysis of how a functional society operates. Love and freedom are crucial elements to hold on the educational process. The family is the fundamental factor that can be used to instill common knowledge to the the young generation. Freud exhibits how people should develop the urge to apply their ancient experiences to predict on their future plans. Having a reflection of the expected outcome will help one to understand the essence of moulding their children based on social norms, molarity, freedom, and love. Personal attributes provide a representation on social class and characters. Individual personalities help in the transmission of social forces among the children. The transmission of psychological ecosystem help in creation of the base to instill characters among growing children. The family is considered as the best element to achieving psychological agents among ourselves. Social characterization can help in shaping of existing modes of love in a particular society. The ability to adapt to dynamic changes through moulded necessity helps in the growth of a person’s economic and social structure. Psychological needs are imperative to calls for individual satisfaction. There are particular psychological qualities that are inherent to man, hence one needs to satisfy them with the aim of preventing uncertainties and frustrations. The faculty of creativity and critical thinking can only be differentiated by both emotional and sensuous experiences. The dynamics to critical and creative thinking are core potentials to evolution of love and freedom.


In conclusion, the notion of love is an important factor that acts a pillar to democracy attributes in our communities. As discussed above, hatred can result to warfare, which will automatically interfere with the existence of love. Once peace has been triggered, the probability of freedom escaping is very high. According to Fromm, it is important since it enables our societies to develop democracy. Fromm considered love as an interpersonal form of creativity capacity, instead of emotions. Fromm considered love as an exemption to creative capacity to outline the essence of true love among us. Most of the countries experiencing warfare are exposed to disunity among their citizens. There should be strategies that need to be enacted in situations a country or a given society undergoes conflicts. Conflicts are the main sources of unruly tactics from our leaders, therefore love can only embrace peace and harmony. Unity is counted as the ultimate measure to democracy.


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