Importance Of Political Parties In America

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Identifying with a political party is a major part of Democracy and America. It allows us to represent our ideas as a group in order to make a difference. We are able to have our opinions heard and views are spoken. The identification of political parties has been engraved in the representative democracy of America; but should we as a nation be less confined to these titles and roles? Is that true, authentic freedom? There is a very prominent sense of freedom in America. It is the main factor that shapes America as the strong nation it is today. True and authentic freedom is having the choice to do whatever you want without restrictions and the ability to present your views and ideas through a political party.

The way we identify ourselves in America is our political parties. Americans should identify as Democratic. Everything in America revolves around money. Jobs, services, and products are all for the same purpose: money. Therefore, the very wealthy should be taxed more because of their excessive amounts of disposable income and those who are poor should get taxed less. This would allow those with lower income to grow in wealth and an opportunity to leave harsh conditions. Military spending should be decreased and focused on improving the lives of the people inside the United States, instead of so heavily involving ourselves in other countries’ business. Healthcare should be universal because it benefits those with bad health and the inability to pay for healthcare. There are many other problems with the United States that can be solved if all people agreed on it, but this is not true and authentic freedom. America is highly diverse in appearance, views, and ideas. There are bound to be people who disagree. We should be allowed to express our opinions freely and have them heard without being silenced. That is authentic freedom.

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There are also some problems with primarily identifying ourselves with a single party. There may be some ideas with a certain party that you may disagree with. For example, If you’re in support of upholding the Second Amendment but align yourself with the Democratic Party. Another example is that if you support abortion but you are a Republican. Your idea doesn’t relate to your party, so there is a disconnect. This is a problem because there is no way to support ideas that your party doesn’t unless you change to a minority party.

Democratic and Republican have been the two major parties in the United States since 1824. This is because when people establish their vote with an unpopular or minority party, they feel it is a wasted vote. These two major parties disagree on many problems, such as death penalty, abortion, taxes, government regulation, health care, immigration, and many more. There is a problem with having only 2 major parties: not all ideas of the public are expressed accurately. There should be many parties, with a large variety of choices and views. This is why blanket primaries are accurate because they allow all candidates in a party to be represented. The two-party system is simple, but it should be changed to better fit the ideas of the general public.

There are many problems with democracy in America today. The main problem is that a large amount of money is required for a candidate to gain notoriety and exposure. This problem is very hard to solve and may be impossible to fix. Advertising is a major part of consumerism today and elections are required to advertise one candidate so the party has a consensus on who to vote on. A change to this could take a whole reform on how candidates are presented to the public. Although it may never change, it is still a problem. Another problem is less representation of minority parties. With two major parties, minority parties are overshadowed by more prominent ones. If we eliminate the two-party system, it may just form itself again unless we establish rules such as “you can’t for the same party 2 years in a row.” These are just a few problems with Democracy today but there are many more that need to be solved.

Democracy is not perfect but it is what the United States has been using for many years and has no plans of stopping. There are problems with it but they may never be changed, so we must learn to adapt to it the best we can.


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