Importance Of The Concept Of Seeing In Oedipus Rex

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Seeing is a one of the most important sense and means to perceive with the eyes and mentally. It differs from just looking by the means of perceiving mentally and becoming aware. Seeing is not only noticing something like looking but also understanding it. Concept of seeing is in Western philosophy, culture and literature. One of the biggest examples of it is myths and Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. Concept of seeing have a big place on Oedipus Rex. Sophocles approaches ironically in this concept, we see power of seeing by prophecies and Oedipus blinds himself in the end for a punishment to himself.

Oedipus Rex is based on dramatic ironies. For instance, Oedipus fulfils a dreadful prophecy unknowingly while he was trying to avoid it, and all the time he can’t see the obvious before his eyes. He tries to lift the curse upon his city with his full effort but actually he is the cause of the curse. Another theme here is the tragic consequences of knowledge and ignorance: Oedipus seeks knowledge as a solution to the plague, only to discover that he himself is the cause. Oedipus spends most of the play uninformed of his parentage and of the wrongs he has coincidentally dedicated. Indeed, even as different characters endeavour to persuade him to stop his quest for information, he proceeds ahead fearless. The greater part of different characters realize that enough will generally be careful, though Oedipus is, allegorically, totally in obscurity. His obliviousness makes him intense, yet it additionally makes him foolish. It drives him to unreasonably lash out at different characters, as Teiresias, Creon, and the herder, since he can’t comprehend that they are attempting to support him. His numbness metaphorically blinds him to the feelings and inspirations of different characters. In general, while ignorance represents blindness, we can associate knowledge with seeing.

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Power of seeing is told by prophecies and prophets in Oedipus Rex. The prophecy and fate of Oedipus is so strong and powerful that he can’t change it despite his efforts. We see triumph of fate and prophecy over individual will. One of the most significant inquiries encompassing Oedipus Rex ‘s appalling end is whether it could have been maintained a strategic distance from. Teiresias, and to be sure the plot of the play itself, recommends that it was destined and, in this manner, unavoidable. For sure, the entirety of the endeavours to get away from the prescience just served it. Teiresias is a powerful and wise prophet knows a lot of things. His power comes from his knowledge and power of seeing things. Other peoples respect him and his credibility comes from his wisdom, knowledge and power of seeing. Even king Oedipus asks his help to enlighten the past events. We see their conflict of blind against powerful seer, knowledge against ignorance at the play. Tiresias is truly blind, yet he is the only character who ‘sees’ reality. He knows what Oedipus’ identity is and reprimands him for his pomposity when the ruler blows up about being told the truth. Also, Iokaste is wilfully blind. She starts to associate reality with Oedipus’ character the more he pries into the past, however she despite everything attempts to live in euphoric obliviousness. She asks Oedipus not to go further with his examination, yet he decreases. When she can no longer evade reality, she ends it all instead of manage it.

In the end of the play Oedipus blinded himself willingly for punishment for himself and he lost his ability to see literally. Oedipus’ demonstration of blinding himself symbolically speaks to his uninformed choice to excuse Teiresias’ personal information on his past, by intentionally neglecting his message and the signs which uncover that he killed his dad and wedded his mom. At the point when Oedipus is presented to reality, he is overwhelmed with disgrace, pain, and regret. When Oedipus understands that he couldn’t maintain a strategic distance from the prescience and is answerable for the plague, he is nauseated with himself and wounds his own eyes utilizing Jocasta’s brilliant clasps. Oedipus blinding himself mirrors his enthusiastic torment and uncovers that he has assumed liability for his activities. Oedipus recognizes that his hubris has left him heedless to reality and is excessively embarrassed about himself to observe the resident’s responses. In general, Oedipus picks cut out his eyes as a method for rebuffing himself for his hubris and numbness. His loss of visual perception likewise emblematically speaks to his past choice to neglect Teiresias’ message and overlook reality.

In conclusion, the concept of seeing have a big place on literature, myths and Oedipus Rex. First, Sophocles touch the concept of seeing ironically and tells Oedipus’s fate and prophecy and his efforts to avoid it but his vain efforts fulfil prophecy while he is unaware. Then, we see the power of seeing and conflict with blindness and ignorance through characters like Teiresias and Iokaste and finally his punishment for himself, blinding himself after revealing of everything it stands for the concept of seeing.


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