Essays on Indian Economy

The Effects Of Demonetization On Indian Economy

Abstract: This paper gives detailed information of demonetization and the Indian economy and how demonetization used for reducing black money. demonetization means removing old Indian currency from the country legally. This paper also gives depth view how demonetization affects on different economical sectors .this paper also view how many times India changes our national currency....
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An Economic Strategy For Inclusive And Sustainable Growth Of India

Executive Summary Infrastructure is an integral component and a building block for economic growth. With the increasing population, there is a growing need for sustainable and affordable housing. According to a report by KPMG, India’s urban housing shortage is estimated at 18.78 million units, which is projected to reach 48 million by 2022. In this...
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The Goods And Services Tax In Indian Economy

1. Introduction: Indian Economy depends more on agricultural in earlier days, now it depends more on the service sector as it is second largest country in the population. Indian Economy is divided in three sector-primary, secondary and Tertiary sectors. The service sector has gained momentum after New Industrial policy of 1991. Impact of Industrial policy...
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