Essays on Individualism

Individualism As A Danger To Democracy

According to Tocqueville, what is individualism, why is it a danger to society, and what is the link between individualism and equality? In Democracy in America, Tocqueville explains that individualism is the focus on the self, that leads to weakness and isolationism, and that equality tends to dissolve bonds between people. Tocqueville begins volume two,...
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Individualism Vs Communalism: Comparative Analysis

I have spoken to a couple of different people about these two concepts and have found some pretty interesting schools of thought. Some people believe that these two concepts can coexist. To an extent, I agree. In my opinion, it seems that we can still be individuals while simultaneously engaging within a community setting. For...
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Individualism: General Notes And Shortcomings

Discussion notes of individualism Individualism is the ideology that the individual life has a place with him and that he has a basic idea to live it as he sees fit, to follow up on his own judgment, to keep and utilize the result of his exertion, and to seek after the estimations based on...
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Collectivism Is A Better Approach To Tackle Social Inequality Compared To Individualism

Currently, in the UK parliament, there are two main types of parties – individualist and collectivist. Collectivist parties are those described as ‘left-wing’ or ‘liberal’, such as the Green Party or SNP, who hold the belief the Government should assist those tackling social inequality through funding and delivering services. Individualist parties are those often described...
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