Essays on Indus Valley Civilization

The Symbolic Meaning Of Animals In The Buddhist Religion, Indus Valley Civilization And Mauryan Empire

The connection between Buddhism and animal life is inseparable, especially in Vedic age India. Buddhist values were reflected through sculpture, carvings, and architecture in two major civilizations: The Indus Valley Civilization and the Mauryan Empire. Buddhists believed that morality and nature are connected; that one’s natural resources are linked to one’s morals, which is why...
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Cultural Continuity Of Indus Valley Civilization

Cultural continuity is the transmission of cultural heritage, tradition, customs and values in a society across time. It is the idea of the repetition of patterns of thinking and behavior over a long period of time. It builds a connection between the past and the present. The Indus valley civilization has the distinction of being...
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Ancient India: Indus Valley Civilization

Ancient India was known to be the largest, wealthiest and the oldest out of all the civilizations prior to the sixteenth century. Although ancient India is often overlooked and it is not regarded with much importance compared to civilizations such as ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, even though the ancient Indians have made several groundbreaking...
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