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Pharmacy as My Future Career

My desire to study Pharmacy has stemmed from my love of Science and my eagerness to help others. Encountering pharma development in AS Biology sparked my interest in the research that goes into developing a drug. For example, research into combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To further support my interest in Pharmacy, I began to read articles...
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Pharmacy As My Passion To Pursue

My passion to pursue pharmacy began during my early years of high school. The science of dispensing medicine, facilitating the required drug information and assessing the pharmaceutical drugs appeared to me as an interesting profession.  This interest was further boosted by the fact that biological sciences and mathematics were among the lessons that I loved...
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Pharmacy: My Reasons To Choose This Sphere

My interest in pharmacy derives from my desire to help others and have an active role in the community, where I can work to directly improve the welfare of people around me. Visiting my family’s rural village in a developing country like Pakistan throughout my life and seeing a simple, albeit much needed, pharmacy open...
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Importance Of Construction Industry

The construction industry is an enabler. It provides projects which enable people to go about their day to day lives. Whether it be huge infrastructure projects, like the Heathrow Expansion to support the UK aviation presence on the worldwide stage; new office projects in central London, like 22 Bishopsgate, for UK’s leading position as a...
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E-commerce Systems

Part 1. Research Methodology 1. Introduction:  The advancement of approach action of online administrations for purchasing or selling the items over the web. The development web is everyday evolving. The conventional market to electronic market has been recover to plan of action called E-trade. The E-trade frameworks business meets costumers by means of utilizing new...
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Real Estate: Comparison In Different Countries

Market #1 – United Kingdom Present conditions are in the market, credit restraints and economic growth conditions UK house prices continue to rise, at least in nominal terms. But uncertainty about Brexit and the upcoming general elections are now clouding the housing market outlook. The average price of homes in the United Kingdom rose 0.3%...
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Factory Farming: The Philosophical Views And Theories

Factory Farming I will argue that factory farming is not ethical because the act is not virtuous, promotes the reverse of happiness, and disregards moral act of duty. Then explore and explain the philosophical views and theories of Aristotle, James Mills and Immanuel Kant. Through the lenses of their arguments, I will deduce whether they...
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Understanding Coal Mining Spoil Properties And Effect: A Mini Review

Understanding Coal Mining Spoil Properties and Effect: A Minireview Abstract Coal is an abundant non-renewable energy resource which a major economy backup for many countries but also responsible for wastes and environmental damage. Understanding the properties of coal mine wastes (spoils) is incredibly important to minimize the effects on human health and the nearby environment...
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