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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online

Are you for or against shopping online? If you are confused it’s okay, don’t worry stay awake and read this essay it will be very helpful for you. Shopping online it is an old method that is commonly used for shopping; therefore, a large number of people using this method of shopping. But have you...
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Online Shopping: Increasing Of Popularity During The Lockdown

The eruption of the pandemic, Covid-19 has caused immense changes in the lifestyles of people all over the world. All the phases of life suddenly changed due to social distance which forced the whole world into a lockdown that restricted everyone in their homes, making working from home, online education, and activities to remain indoor....
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Digital Economy And Online Shopping

Abstract The development of economy and the progress of society have greatly promoted the development of the information age. With the development of the information age, people have entered the era of digital economy. People’s life, study and work are inextricably linked with it. However, in our daily life, online shopping is the most closely...
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