Influence Of Pop Culture On Young Generation: Opinion Essay

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Today’s popular culture has been liked with technology. we live in time of invitation, technology where modern youth have accessibility to technology between smartphones, laptops and other social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram) to name the few. Todays youth can participate in popular culture either by following their favourite artist, actor or sport athletics. Some say todays, upcoming generation are the luckiest to have such privilege? Because they can reach out and follow the person, they admire.

But are today generation, an upcoming generation that lucky? Is it lucky that young people are taught to do drugs? Is it lucky that young women are told that they need to be beautiful, attractive to be singer, dancers, actors rather than having an actual talent? Is it lucky to that young male are told drug leading, being in gang is cool? Is it lucky that young people are judge by what fashionable, name brand clothing to they are wearing? These are also influence of pop culture.

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It is not a definite case that pop culture doesn’t bring the positive and healthy expression of youth, it is unfortunate that the negative out weight the positive side a of pop culture. Pop culture are designed to captivate large amount of people, which in turn influences many people life decision. According to phew research center 96.5% of us household has a television. With over 1000 channels, and various streaming services. Netflix popular streaming provide has about 4,335 movies and 1,197 shows. There is so much to choose form and we are committed to keep up with each new episode. This has very negative impact on your generation with all the violence, drug and sexual references. Young people are exposed to tv show such as teen mom, 16 and Pregnant. What is the message the writer, producer, actor of tv show trying to give to teenage women who might be watching? Is it okay to be 16 and pregnant? Is it okay to be a single mother? How would you feel, if you were a parent living with a 16-year-old daughter who is being exposed to the notion that it is okay to be 16 and pregnant? Research done by UA college of social and Behavioral sciences finds that teenage who views teenage pregnancy are likely to be pregnant themselves.

Music I Imagine everyone ritual, daily things to do and we surround us in our life. There is a various genre of music. Music are being produced and released daily and is constantly evolving. Artists are influencers, motivational speakers, friends, role models because they share their perspective on what we represent, or what to. Artist connect with large masses. Today hip hop/ rap has the primary dominant genre of music. In hip hop/ rap culture is mostly about drug, gang, sexuality and money is the primary lyrics of songs that can influence teenager to follow their path. Not all rap artists are following the culture of hip hop/ rap artists such as kid Cudi, j Cole, joey badass, Kendrick Lamar, NF aren’t promoting gang violence, singing about drugs, gang, sexual activities rather I find the positive, uplifting and moving in woke. But the facts, that rap song can be influence factor for young mind in my opinion where the artist sing about being a ‘drug dealer because he wanted to buy new shoes’,’ need new cloth because I want to impress a girl’ if a young person who grew up in a poor family, someone who doesn’t have new clothes will definitely think about dealing drugs such behaviour could tarnish bright young man or women.

The role of parent, teacher, and adult caregiver can help with control of the negative side of pop culture by engaging young people in various activities such as pottery, painting, writing. Help them distinguish between ‘garbage’ and valuable material. Parent to control their screen time and following up with what they are listening to.

Should adolescents be left alone to find their own life? Should they not have been told about negative side of pop culture? After all, these negative effects young people still likely to listen, follow pop culture. May it will not be as bad as I think.


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