Essays on International Law

International Law: Occidental Derivations And Persecution of Christians

On the 8th of July 2019, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt thanked the Bishop of Truro for his commissioned review on the persecution of Christians worldwide, and his concluding statements on the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), or lack thereof. The review stated that the ‘geographic spread of anti-Christian persecution ’ was indicative...
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International Law & Ethics Amidst Pandemics: Responses Of Different Political States In A Pandemic

Introduction: This article will evaluate the key issue of international law amidst a pandemic containing firstly, the application of international law in managing global pandemics; secondly, to look into the ongoing pandemic; thirdly, how these different nation-states are tackling this global pandemic altogether; and lastly a conclusion is drawn on the overall analysis of the...
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International Laws In Banking

I trust this email meets you well. I’m writing to you concerning your supposition stated in the forum discussion prior today on the appropriateness of International Laws to our business. You stated that if we are an Egyptian company, aren’t the only laws that apply to us Egyptian laws? As long as we’re following our...
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International Law: Terrorism Law

Australia’s current Commonwealth laws on preventative detention present in the Criminal Code Act 1995 and the Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2005 is somewhat effective in terms of protecting the rights of stakeholders, reflecting social norms and values and promoting fairness, justice and equality. In order to improve the effectiveness of the law, the application of...
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The Effects Of International Law On Order

Since the beginning of modern civilizations and states, certain rules have been placed within societies in order to promote coexistence and order in its citizens. Over time, these laws have worked their way into the international system and have been created by sovereign nations to promote order, but are also used as a means of...
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Law And Social Justice Essay

The issues of colonialism and imperialism are not new to international law but have appeared with varying degrees of prominence in legal discussions and practices related to the development of this area of the law over many years. International law has continued to facilitate global inequality in recent years for this reason. There are many...
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