Essays on Intersectionality

Intersectional Analysis On Reproductive Justice Discussion Of The Intersection

Feminist legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw initially coined the term ‘intersectionality’ and defined it as “inequities are never the result of single, distinct factors. Rather, they are the outcome of intersections of different social locations, power relations and experiences” (Crenshaw, 1989). These interactions happen inside a setting of associated frameworks and structures of power including laws,...
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Intersectionality As A Key Theoretical And Analytic Framework

Intersectionality is a key theoretical and analytic framework through which most pertinently scholars in the social sciences and the humanities discuss the structural identities of race, class, gender and sexuality. In this essay, I explore the origins of the theory and its importance to our understanding of gender, subsequently impacting societal experiences, structures of power...
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Problem Of Intersectionality In Australia

In Australia certain populations are more prevalent in the criminal justice system (CJS) than others and this fact is especially prominent for Indigenous Australian and Sudanese people. Per-population, these two groups are significantly overrepresented as criminal offenders in Australia and this overrepresentation is only increasing over time. However, just because these groups are disproportionately imprisoned,...
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Black Transgender Women: Problem Of Intersectionality

Black transgender women have multiple contributing factors that cause intersections of racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. This group of people’s most influential social identities are viewed as targeted in comparison to the privileged. Even though race is a social construct, intersectionality still occurs due to the multiple identities which are socially constructed in a framework...
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The Core Principles Of Feminist Theory And Intersectionality

This essay will provide an analysis of the core principles of feminist theory and intersectionality and consider how they can be used to deliver social justice and anti-oppressive practice when working with domestic violence victims. Although feminist ideas have been evidenced throughout many different cultures over ancient years, modern feminism is thought to have originated...
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The Effects Of Different Social Institutions On SRHP In Kenya

The conversation on achieving gender equality has been tabled throughout history with evidence dating back to the Victorian Era (Era, 2019). Deliberate efforts to achieve gender equality can be dated back to the 18th century with the rise of the feminist activities and ideologies which were on focused on political power (Dorey-Stein, 2016). It has...
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