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Interstellar takes place in the futuristic world that seems to be our predicted world. In the movie America seems almost unrecognizable due to the advancement in technology and the dust storms. In this futuristic world social classes are diminished everyone is self governed and rely on their households to provide necessities such as food and to care for one another. Food is scarce and everyone must provide their own crops in order to put food on their plate.

In Interstellar everyone in society is a farmer. A issue arises for the people. Unfortunately, there is an infectious disease that spreads throughout the crops caused by pathogens. This disease is lethal to the crops and is called Blight. Blight is incurable and will continue to spread leaving everyone in society with no staple and eventually no oxygen.

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Earth is dying and no longer useful for life to live on. Human existences is on the verge of dying out. The people on earth are relying on NASA scientists, engineers and pilots attempt to find a solution.The solution they come up with isnt a quick fix and many other problems and concerns come along with it.Their solution is to find another suitable planet to live on. No one knows where or how they will find a suitable planet until something mysterious happens.

While all this chaos is occurring on earth a mysterious wormhole appears in the galaxy and this might just be what saves Human existence.This wormhole is named Gargantua located near Saturn. By sending astronauts to Gargantua they discovered the hole is accessible by spaceship and has the ability to allow people to go beyond the solar system to planets where civilization could possibly prosper.The issue now is to find the suitable planets where people could potentially live.NASA decides to send a crew of four people into the black hole again to find the next earth. When they enter Gargantua they are able to interstellar travel which uses Einstein’s time dilation theory. This allows time to slow down when traveling in space. This is because everything in the universe traveling through is space-time at the speed of light. This means the astronauts will age slower than the people on earth. When the crew arrives in the other galaxy they discuss the order of the planets they will visit. Some of the planets are deep within Gargantua‘s gravitational well.

The movie, Interstellar was mixed with realistic and false scenarios. The movie wanted to be entertaining but still be educational to an extent. Realistically a wormhole can open anywhere in space and provide a tunnel to another universe. A wormhole is a massive star that no longer has fuel. The star becomes dense and buckles under its own weight and crushes inwards along with the space time that caves in along with it. Not even light can escapes due to the gravitational that becomes so strong light cant even escape. Einstein’s time dilation theory is accurate and would slow time down compared to people on earth.Time is very complex system and is not considered as a single constantly flowing entity. Space-time is when time is linked with that of space itself. Without moving in time it will never be possible to move in space. Anything moving changes with time.

When you look at all the factors of the movie towards the end we find out the black hole was placed in the galaxy by the people of the future in their attempts to help save the world. The astronauts time is slowed while people on earth are on the verge of extinction there seems to be a moral dilemma in that situation.

Interstellar didn’t have logic in certain situations. NASA sent astronauts out into our solar system to scope out the black hole and test the safety and bring back information. Instead of NASA putting their astronauts lives on the line they could have easily used the futuristic technology and used a telescope of some sort. In fact with the money funded by the congress to send the astronauts on this mission they could have put it towards creating a terrestrial planet finder.With this finder it would allow them to see whether environments suitable for human settlement or dangerous. If this terrestrial planet finder was created it would have done the job for the astronauts. The terrestrial planet finder would have allowed them to see that the first two worlds were unfitting for human kind and altogether could have bypassed the landing on two planets, but if the movie were logical it wouldn’t be as entertaining.

When NASA sent the crew to saturn it only took them two years. This movie takes place in a futuristic world so we don’t know how advance the technology is in the film, but our present day spaceships would take roughly four years to travel to earth from saturn.This futuristic world’s spaceship in the movie would need to go at a fast rate to go at a pace that will allow them to travel at the accurate speed. When approaching saturn the spaceship would have to decelerate in order to avoid fatal landing.

When they go through the wormhole a galaxy of a dozen planets are exposed. These planets orbit the black hole. This is very unlikely for a solar system to remain in tact after a black hole forming.

A black hole is known as a supernova explosion. A black hole of solar mass are usually remnants of a star that ran out of nuclear fuel and detonate.When this explosion occurs it is so powerful the planets orbiting this hole would have either been destroyed or blown away by the shockwaves into outer space. If planets did orbit around a black hole it would have to form after the explosion, but It is very unlikely to find a solar system orbiting a black hole.

The dozen planets would have to travel in elliptical orbit around the black hole rather than getting sucked into the hole.The planets would need a velocity in the direction perpendicular to the force of the black hole’s pull. In the movie it was never clarified the size of the black hole, but in comparison to the spaceship it looked to be a supermassive hole. The black hole has a accretion disk flattened band of spinning matter around the event horizon. The accretion disk has material that spiral around the black hole feeding into the gravitational energy releasing dangerously lethal heat and powerful x-rays and gamma rayout into the universe. Any life that attempts to enter a black hole would be fried by the light a black hole provides. As I compared the size of the black hole to the spaceship I began to realize the inaccuracy of the black hole which including the bending of light.

The visual of the black hole lacks the doppler effect and relativism of the surrounding disk which would make the gas appear to be more of a vibrant bright blue. The accretion disk is luminous of gas in the movie. This scientifically inaccurate because in order to have a luminous disk there must be a source such as a star accreting matter. When the astronauts arrived at the first planet, Miller. Due to the immense gravity from the black hole it causes the planet covered by sheer volume of water to have massive tidal waves as tall as 4,000 feet. This is unrealistic because the tidal waves were massive while the tides were small and the seas were shallow. The tides depend on the mass, spin of gargantua, distance apart and size of the two. Since Miller is orbiting Gargantua the side that faces the hole will feel a stronger force than the other side. The differential force would tear the planet apart.

The impossible thing about Miller’s world is when the ranger moves to the surface. In comparison to the moon and the earth Gargantua is nearly twenty times larger in the planets sky. This means that the planet would have to be so close to Gargantua that the event horizon would only fill half the sky in order to to experience the stated time dilation. In the film the planet’s distance makes the time dilation inaccurate. An accurate depiction of Millar’s sky at night would be one half of the sky would be pitched black due to the event horizon and the other half would be full of stars along with the accretion disk forming a vibrant beam of light stretching across the sky spinning at a rate of ten times a second. After leaving the shallow sea planet they realize they have a problem.

They become low on fuel and can only visit one other planet so they choose Manns since the probe is still transmitting. Mann’s planet which was not habitable since they could not find surface beyond the frozen clouds. Mann’s contains 80% of earth’s gravity making it impossible for the solid clouds to stay afloat. Mann’s planet is not suitable for survival and needed to leave before the dangerously low temperatures freeze the crew to death. Since they can not stay on Manns and can not make it back to earth on there fuel tank there only choice is to use the orbiting spin to their best advantage.

They have to slingshot around the black hole Gargantua in order to make it to Edmond’s Planet and on manual controls. To say if this is possible is debatable. In order for the ship to gain enough velocity to reach Edmonds planet the craft would have to be dragged by the orbital body. Realistically the planets wouldn’t orbit the black hole as a source therefore there wouldn’t be momentum for the spaceship to slingshot from. But in the movie this is plausible. Cooper ejects himself from the shuttle in order to reduced the ships mass allowing the rest of the ship to arrive to the destined destination.

Scientifically slingshotting themselves from the black hole would successfully push them in the direction desired but will not guide them all the way to light speed, but coopers reduction allowed them to gain speed. Cooper’s shuttle falls into the black hole and forces began to destroy the shuttle due to the pellets that look like sleet hitting his ranger ship. He ejects from his shuttle and falls into a 5th dimension.

The accuracy of this scene is minimal since it showed him crossing the event horizon. When ur crossing the event horizon you don’t actually know it because it is gravitationally lensed by the mass in the center. The only thing you will notice after is there is no light and everything above you becomes scrunched. When any matter or light or even a human enters the event of horizon through a black hole you can never leave, its a one way boundary. Even traveling close to such a low mass and tidal force black hole would subject a person to spaghettification. A realistic object would experience tidal deformations along all three axes, so that the object is successively stretched along one direction and compressed in the other directions. Towards the end the movie becomes more unreal when you discover that some fifth dimensional beings sent Cooper one of the astronauts on this mission so he could communicate with gravity and save the world.The fifth dimension is unseen by humans where forces of gravity and electromagnetism create a theory of fundamental forces.


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