Essays on Invasive Species

Invasive Species As The Main Threat To Biodiversity In The Galapagos

Introduction Invasive species are the main threat to biodiversity in the Galapagos. Its presence is linked to the growth of the population, tourism and the flow of maritime and air transport, increased by the demand for resources by the inhabitants of the islands. Invasive species are established accidentally or intentionally at a site outside their...
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Invasive Species: The Prickly Pear

What is an invasive species? An invasive species is a species that has been moved from its native home to a new location. They tend to populate large areas at rapid rates and often treats to the flow of food webs and biodiversity. They cause populations of native animals and plants to decrease and create...
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Invasive Species Introduced To Marine Ecosystems

Planet Earth as we know it is constantly evolving, developing and shifting in different ways due to both natural and man-made causes. These paradigm changes in nature can be driven by changes in climate, nitrogen eutrophication, and augmented urbanization as stated by Davis et al. 2017. As a consequence to some of these variations, we...
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Biomes And Invasive Species

Biomes is the community of where all living things exist, really known as the earth’s surface (Simon, 2016). The biomes around Warrensville Heights, Ohio is grasslands. The Metroparks which covers 23,000 acers with 18 reservations (Metroparks, 2019). The Metroparks has around 8 lakefront parks, which are beautiful places to be and enjoy (Metroparks, 2019). Biomes...
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Invasive Species: Zebra Mussel

In every ecosystem around the world, there are invasive species, whether they are animals or plants. Some species may be more harmful than others, but they are nevertheless detrimental to an ecosystem and the native species in them. Two specific invasive species that harm North American ecosystems are the Zebra mussel and the Tree of...
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