Essays on Invention

Invention Of The Pencil: Nicholas-Jacques Conte

The use of a pencil is often underrated as it was used for keeping track of things by writing them down in an easier more reliable way. No one often questions when the first pencil was invented, or even who invented it. The first idea of a writing utensil was in Egypt in the 4th...
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The Invention And Advances Of Artificial Limbs

When asked to think about artificial limbs, one probably thinks of one or two things – pirates having peg legs and hook hands or infamous Olympic prosthesis blade runners. One might even start to question if peg legs and hook hands were an actual invention or just a myth. The answer is – even though...
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The Renaissance And Modernity: Invention Of Printing Press

The Renaissance was the period between the 14th and 17th centuries in Europe. It was the period noted for the invention of important devices that helped reshape knowledge. It was also the beginning of a period that played an important role in shaping up modern society today. The invention is a discovery, whether accidental or...
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