iPhone As An Intentional Artifact

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The iPhone is an admired device. It is considered to be a popular artifact because it is a universally known icon. The iPhone is a common gadget that can be found in most peoples pockets. This gadget altered the way society viewed mobile phones. The iPhone was the first phone to function similarly to a computer. The iPhone reifies the myth that one must have the latest iPhone. According to the oddyssey online, Apple has sold 14 different iPhones in the past 10 years. This proves how society feeds into buying the newest gadget every year.

The cultural group of the iPhone is a vast, diverse group. Everyone of nearly any age owns an iPhone. However, there is the main audience who own it. According to statistica.com, Apple has sold almost two billion iPhones. According to digitialtrends.com, 82% of teenagers use an iPhone. The main demographic of this device are teenagers. The device is a known icon globally. More importantly, it is targeted towards people who have an urgent need for communication. In today’s society, there is an ongoing joke among people who do not want to be that person sending a message with the green text message. If one does, it indicates that they do not own an iPhone which signifies that they are not cool. The range of significance around the iPhone is if one does not own an iPhone, they are lame.

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The iPhone resignifies devices that have been existing previously to the iPhone. For example, the old school mp3 player or the iPod. Apple got its inspiration from the iPod. Their idea was to combine the iPod and the iPhone we all know today. The iPhone resignifies the advancement of technology. Before the iPhone, there were only phones that can send bland texts and make phone calls. Apple broke that barrier with their invention and the iPhone is known universally for doing so.

The iPhone is an intentional artifact. It was designed intentionally to serve a purpose. This gadget was intended to be made the way society views it today. The apple phone has a specific design that other smartphones do not have. The appearance of it makes it easy for consumers to spot an iPhone. Looking at an android phone, one may not know what model it is or may have a vague idea. Meanwhile, all iPhone models have a similar, distinct appearance. As a result that, it helps Apple’s branding. It creates a loyal audience for Apple. Consumers enjoy the distinct look of the iPhone because it is what makes it iconic.

This popular artifact is a functional artifact. It was invented solely to be functional. It holds functions to serve people in their daily lives. For example, using a GPS to navigate to a destination or looking up a recipe. This gadget reinvented the way society navigates through life. This object is not only a phone or a camera, it is a tool that allows users to access information as well. The iPhone contains unique features that can only be executed on an iPhone. which is one of the reasons why it is a popular artifact. For instance, on the iPhone, an individual can transfer money on message in a single text using apple pay. These unique functions are what makes the iPhone stand out among the other smartphones today.  


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