Essays on Ivy League

Essay Response To The College Admissions Scandal By Prossack

The level of competition for college admissions have been constantly high, especially for Ivy League schools. Students and families go great lengths in order to secure their education in a prestigious school, believing that this would get them further ahead in life. Lou and Griggs’ article, “Acceptance rates at top colleges are dropping, raising pressure...
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Average Gpa To Get Into Ivy League Schools

There are several factors and aspects that determine your eligibility for college admissions among which your GPA score is the main aspect. The college admission committee members will evaluate your GPA, test scores, letters of recommendation and also your extracurricular activities as it helps to know your capability or performance in academics and your other...
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Argumentation: How Ivy League Schools Are Not Really All That

During the second semester of my sophomore year, my district was passing out a newsletter featuring the valedictorians and salutatorians in each high school. I was intrigued as to how people were highly praising the three graduates who got accepted into Harvard University. The local news even got their scoop behind the story of these...
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