Jack The Ripper Murders

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Five people were mutilated in the span of three years from 1888 to 1891 when the case was closed. Jack the Ripper killed those five people in Whitechapel, London. The Ripper affected society by changing its view on serial killers.

In the late nineteenth century five women were found dead. “In each homicide, the victim was a prostitute with a reputation of drinking quite heavily” (Douglas 2). This means it would be easy to seduce and murder them. Jack usually showed signs of intelligence because he chose women that were far from others alone and secluded. He usually wore fancy clothes to give off the persona of a rich person as he wanted the women to approach him. It is suspected that The Ripper had grown up with a domineering mother who abused him, possibly even sexually, which would explain the animosity towards women. It is also believed that his father was either not there, or very weak/passive. All the women were mutilated postmortem, after being killed swiftly. Jack the Ripper moved in a triangle pattern that is seen in other serial killings (Douglas 3). The signature of a crime known as a “modus operandi” changes as the killer gets more experience, but the ritual always stays the same. The same can be said for Jack the Ripper because he always mutilated the victims after killing them. Most of the Ripper’s victims were killed outdoors, while the last one was indoors and the most mutilated because he had a lot of time before being discovered (Douglas 3).

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The Ripper’s effect on society was not one of the main reasons he attacked people. He did not want to bring about change, he was just a human with psychosis. While Jack knew that he would make the news it was not what he wanted (Douglas 4). The chaos that followed his first two killings was mostly due to the fact that a lot of women were prostitutes, and worried about their safety. The Ripper did not contact the police or newspapers because he did not care for the limelight. Jack only wanted to kill women because of his terrible childhood which disconnected his emotions from reality. Serial killers usually did not mutilate their victims so it was unusual for the case to make international news. It is also unusual for the Killers to have not left much of a trace as to who they were so the cases usually got solved, even back in the 1800s most serial killers were caught without the use of technology. This killers brutality was one of the main reasons for the popularity it had gotten because Jack did not torture the victims prior to death (Douglas 3)

Jack the Ripper’s murders are remembered as being one of the most mysterious cases in the world. Adding to that fact is that the case was left unsolved because there is not any evidence of who the murderer was. He was nearly discovered one night while killing which explains why one of the victims was not as mutilated as the rest. The Ripper is most likely dead at this point because they lived about a hundred years ago and it is theorized that he was between the ages of twenty-eight to thirty-six. Serial killings have been investigated more since Jack caused all this chaos. Police officers probably do not want people to be scared to walk around at night so serial killings are investigated more and have more personnel on the case. Laws have become more strict on serial killings because Jack the Ripper was never found. He technically set up the development for the foundation of investigations on serial killings. The Ripper did not commit suicide after the final kill, he quit because he was either under suspicion, asked questions by the police, or arrested for a different offense.

In that three year span, Jack had gained an international reputation. He did not care for it, nor want it, but he earned it from being a brutal killer. This is an interesting case because the Ripper’s identity was never figured out. There is a lot of speculation about who it is but thats all it is. Society had reacted to the infamous serial killer and changed accordingly. 


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