Essays on Jaws

Jaws: Ideological Manipulation Containment And The Real Threat To Humanity

The horror – adventure film Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975 is widely known as one of the most iconic cinematic film in pop culture, having a massive culture and academic impact over four generations. Characterised by the dynamic film storyline concept, multitude of metaphor symbolism, the irony clichés lines and the motifs of...
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Jaws: The Line Between Monsters And Villains

There is an unspoken rule for almost every epic story that if there is a hero, there must be either a monster or a villain. Nonetheless, there is also an unspoken line that exists in the literary world between monsters and villains. Over time, the line seemed to fade or get thicker in different periods....
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Causes Of Paramount Success Of Jaws Directed By Steven Spielberg

The Blockbuster Due to the film’s paramount success, it was crowned the title ‘Blockbuster’ and it was considered one of the first films from the ‘blockbuster era’. People were literally lined up around blocks to get their tickets. The undebatable impact it had on audiences allowed it to become a cultural phenomenon. What if Jaws...
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Representation Of Sharks In Films: Jaws And Sharknado

“The great fish moved silently through the night water, propelled by short sweeps of its crescent tail.” These are the opening lines of a book unimaginably iconic, it prompted the making of 4 movies, Jaws written by Peter Benchley. This book is one of Benchley’s many books about the deep blue and what lies there...
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