Essays on Jesus Christ

Art Analysis: Andre Serrano’s Piss Christ

I am going to explore Andre Serrano’s Piss Christ and determine if it is art. In order to answer the question: Does Andre Serrano’s Piss Christ fit the definition of art? we need to first determine what the definition of art is. Richard Anderson’s definition of art is as follows: “culturally significant meaning, skillfully encoded...
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Jesus Christ: Mission In Life And Biography Analysis

I accept that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my transgressions, so I would be able to live with him for eternity. Jesus, for me, is the most significant and I couldn’t experience anything or even exist without him close by. Jesus is the response to every one of the issues and issues of...
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Book Review: Jesus Christ And The Life Of The Mind

Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind is a book which was written by Mark Noll. His book was edited in 2011. Mark Allan Noll is an American historian who is currently working as a research professor of history at Regent college. He is a reformed Evangelical Christian who masters the domain of the...
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Christian Views on Euthanasia: Analytical Essay

“Do not be excessively wicked and do not be a fool. Why should you die before your time?” (Ecclesiastes 7:17). Death is an important part to Christians all around the world. They believe that all humans should live their longest life instead of taking their life away earlier than they should. Many people hold different...
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References to Christianity In The Matrix

References to Christianity multiply in the movies, and the Matrix films are a purposeful anecdote for the Christian confidence and that Neo is a cutting edge, Jesus. Neo is for the most part human, with all the specialist physical needs, and directs his issues with mind-blowing viciousness. His dangerous objective for Zion and all humankind...
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