Job Description: Hr Advisor Duties And Responsibilities

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Job description

After completion of my graduation, I would like to work as an HR advisor. HR Advisor plays a vital role in an organization’s human assets department. HR Advisors might act as consultants to assist decorate HR processes, improve worker members of the family and motivate a group of workers development. They work intently with management to put into effect adjustments and create reviews involving HR strategies and practices that summarize cutting-edge tactics and define guidelines for improvements.

HR Advisor Duties and Responsibilities

HR advisors make organization strategies to take the company on a high level to compete in business with others

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  • Work in making policies and legal compliance for the organization.
  • they are working to improving the relationship between employer and senior management
  • advice on hiring people in the organization

As I am planning to go into this job after my graduation in Human Resources so I will get benefit from my educational knowledge for this job. I can get help from my study experience in this job for selecting and recruiting people. I have also knowledge in accountancy which helps me during inventory. As previously I have experience in hospitality I can add into this job to improve the relationship between employer and management.

If we are seeing this job from far it seems a very easy job to select people with interviews or as after viewing their application but it is a very tuff process to hire the correct people for the job because it is like a burden on HR shoulders if he hired the wrong person for a suitable job. I am studying and viewing every aspect from deep so I think now I am enough capable to work in this position not only because of my interest I have also experience-based knowledge for this knowledge.


Working As an advisor I have to face challenges from another business partner to ensure my organization will face the highest level in the market. Also, i have face challenges from time to time on job-related management and employer but I am sure I will solve that with the skills which I learned in class.

The most exciting thing is that finally, I am going into that job which I was dreaming of long-lasting. I will meet new people on daily basis and it will enhance my knowledge of my duties. Advising someone to take his business higher is also an exciting thing for me.


To conclude I can say I am sure about my future planning for this job that is why I start looking for this job now so I can start as part-time and after my graduation, I will start full time and I am sure I will get my dream job soon.  


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