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John Adams was born on October 30, 1735, in Massachusetts. The environment that John Adams grew up in was a farm that was not too far from Boston. His father much like John had more than one job he was a shoemaker and farmer for their community and worked helping in their church. Susanna Boylston, his mother got remarried in 1766. His mother passed away in 1797 which also happened to be his first year of presidency. John attended Harvard University for his college education. Since his father did work as a minster helper, he wanted John to study to be a minster however it was not passion. When John was young his personality showed a lot of what kind of future he was leaning towards. People who grew up around him got a glimpse of how dedicated and determined he was about things he was passionate about.

John Adams, an important part of United States modern liberty, he was a man with a unique legacy. He was the second president Of the United states. Before being president John was and still is one of the men who is remembered and respected to this day. John Adams was a Founding Father. He was not the only big contributor to gaining independence, his wife, Abigail Adams, was also a woman who is to thank for freedom and equal rights, especially for women.

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John Adams contributed to the United States through his organized protest, passion toward the cause of liberating the colonies, and his knack for leading the foundation of a nation with his law skills.

John Adams showed his support of independence very early on with his writing. John’s final essay in his series of newspaper essays titled, ‘Dissertation On Canon and Feudal Law’ was a paper that acted as an attack on the recently established Stamp Act. The Stamp Act of 1765 was a law passed by the English Parliament that made a government tax stamp on paper goods and all legal documents a requirement. (Fraga ,39) John represented others by speaking out against this injustice. He spoke for himself and others to communicate their protest. These actions by John Adams are significant today in the way that they remind us that it’s possible to make a difference. John Adams set a high standard right off the bat by speaking out in a firm yet peaceful way to support his cause.

Another way that John Adams supported his cause was through his passion. Both John Adams and his significant other, and later wife, Abigail Adams were extremly passionate individuals. “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” John Adams wrote this in a letter to Abigail Adams on July 17, 1775. (Quotes) That part of the letter shows John’s passion to achieving liberty, and it also lets us know that Abigail Adams was a big part of the fight for liberty as well. The two exchanged very powerful letters to one another, and we know that a fair share of these were written about founding the nation. Abigail Adams was not only supportive of gaining liberty, but also of women’s rights. In 1776, she urged John along with the Continental Congress to “remember the ladies.” The letters of both John and Abigail only add more to the passionate tone that all of the founding fathers shared toward gaining liberty and independence. Also displaying the passion that John Adams had for separating from Britain is the fact that he was selected to begin drafting the Declaration of Independence. (Spotlight: Biography)The writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence were very risky actions. If things didn’t go how they planned, they would likely be charged with treason and punished by death. Each Founding Father who signed the Declaration of Independence was aware of these risks, but they put the country’s needs before their own in order to achieve the ultimate goal—independence and liberty.

John Adams drafting and signing the Declaration of Independence can be related to the risks that we take in our nation today. They risked their lives to create this wonderful country, and we continue the trend by putting ourselves out there in order to make the nation the best it can be.

John Adams also put in a full work load when it came to the Continental Congress. Adams served on more committees than any other congressman. The number of committees totaled somewhere around the number ninety. (Interesting Facts) A man would not expend that much time and effort on something that he did not deeply care about. John’s above and beyond involvement is further evidence of how invested this man was in achieving the best for the people.

We can take John’s dedication and involvement as a lesson. If we put forth as much effort towards our modern causes as Adams did to his, we will find a much higher rate of success. If anyone who cared about his or her cause put in the equivalent effort of being a part of ninety committees, he or she would almost certainly find success.

In addition to John Adams’s organized protest and passion towards the cause, he also had a knack for leading the foundation of a country. As previously discussed, John Adams was confident and passionate enough about separating from Britain that he risked his life. Not only did he complete these actions, he did them with a certain unique skill that only John Adams possessed. John Adams was a very prominent lawyer, so he definitely had a way with words. This benefited him greatly when he wrote his newspaper essays. John Adams’s law skills were a key factor in his effectiveness to the cause. He was able to communicate ideas better, and also convince others to found a new nation. John Adams’s skills from Harvard Law School gave him the edge on those he was fighting against. Even though Adams was not successful as a lawyer right away from the get-go, he later became a very well-respected attorney (The Young Lawyer) It makes it much more difficult for a person to oppose a cause when there is such a strong, skilled voice defending the said cause.

As for the application of John Adams’s law skills to today’s world, we can use him yet again as a beaming example. If citizens of the United States of America used the fine-tuned skills of communicating a message to a group of people that John Adams used, the process of solving issues that apply to the public would be much simpler and more effective. An average person can sufficiently communicate a message or idea, but a practiced and well-trained lawyer can do the same in a much more direct manner.

John Adams was an all-around amazing man, but his skillful participation in organized protest, passion and dedication to the cause of liberation, and purposeful way of using his law skills are what truly made him stand out as a Founding Father. John and his wife-to-be at that time, Abigail, were two very significant reasons why the United States of America is as successful as it is today. The examples that they set with their practices in founding the nation are what we have looked up to for the past 238 years, and what we are sure to continue looking up to for many more centuries to come.


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