Essays on John Dewey

Revising America Through American History Revisionism

During a recent mission’s conference, missionary Mike Patterson recounted how his father-in-law settled in Tlapa, Mexico as a missionary over 50 years ago. He saw that the men worked hard during the week and drank hard on the weekends and overall lived immoral lives. While he led some of the adult men to Christ, they...
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Functionalism: The Founders And The Theory

History: Let’s start with the beginning and understand what Functionalism truly is. Functionalism at its core is the consciousness evolving to the environment; It’s utilization of small components of the mind to create a whole. The history of functionalism begins as most things begin, from the origin of another. In the early stages of developing...
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Progressivism In Education: The Evolving Face Of Education In 21st Century

Abstract The development of technology and increased competition has led to several challenges faced by children of all age groups. As such, education plays a very crucial role in the life of an individual. The progressive growth and development of any nation depends upon the education system structured to reshape the young minds. Modern times...
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