Essays on Just War Theory

Context And Definition Of Just War Theory

Just war as a concept of practice is mainly associated with ancient and medieval times. Its historical evidences of the tradition can be found in Christian, Egyptian, Chinese and Indian traditions. The idea of just war is commonly found in the contexts of history and politics. The theme behind this context is to present the...
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Just War: Arguments For And Against

War: The bane of civilization’s existence. War is often characterized by the absence of peace, but war’s nature extends beyond that very characteristic. Its definition is widely disputed and this is partly because those who have undertaken the task of delving into the subject of war, have been baffled by the complexities of its dynamic...
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The Morality Of Civil War

The ongoing fights are Yemen is getting worse and the (long) civil war in the small but (strategic well placed) Arab country could have a huge global impact since Yemen is situated close to the Bab Al Mandad, a waterway through which most of the world’s oil passes. The fighting in Yemen takes place between...
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Just War Theory: A Tradition Of War Ethics

On War In the last 3400 years, we have only been at peace for 268 years – around 8%. The other 92% has been spent in conflict, brutally killing each other and fighting. In the 20th century, at least 108 million people have been killed in various wars. In about two years, as a Singaporean...
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