Essays on Juvenile Delinquency

The Consequence Of Parenting Style And Juvenile Deliquesces

I. Introduction Juvenile delinquency refers to behavior by youths under 18 years of the age which is not acceptable to society and is generally regarded as calling for some kind of admonishment, punishment, or corrective action. Delinquency has become a cause for national concern not only on our own society but in most modern countries...
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Methods For Combatting Juvenile Recidivism

Abstract Recidivism is a major issue in the juvenile justice system today and is difficult to track and combat due to deficiencies in recording and reporting standards. It is important for juvenile justice agencies to attempt to combat this problem and they have many tools at their disposal for this. Some of these tools include...
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Homeless Youth And Delinquency

Youth who commit deviant and criminal acts may do so for a plethora of reasons. In researching the implications for juvenile delinquency, there are multiple factors to consider when analyzing each specific case. Some elements which must be considered include; the youths upbringing, their current living situation, and their current life-course pattern. Youth who grow...
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