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KFC is a large fast service restaurant in 29 countries that serves 12 million customers every day at 21,400 restaurants. Over the years, KFC has lost a significant share of its market share in healthier fast-food restaurants because consumers are more aware of their health. KFC introduced a healthier product, which is mainly aimed at healthy individuals, in response to demands by the consumer. In 1986 KFC was founded by Harland Sanders, Louisville, and in Kentucky, PepsiCo, Inc., originally known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is the world’s third largest developer and franchisor for fast food chicken. KFC is known worldwide for its fried chicken Original Recipe ®. KFC is committed for customer satisfaction by giving them excellent quality of food and best services beyond par excellence and best value for the money that they spend. KFC believes in serving both customer and society by continuous improvements. The main mission of KFC is to sell food in fast and friendly environment and to establish as leading WQSR (western quick service restaurant) chain serving good value and innovative chicken based products. (KFC Holding, 2007)

Project Planning:

Project Title:

The title of the project is “Effective Application of Equality and Servility by KFC for Enhancing Employee Performance in Birmingham”. The goal is to Examine the issues and concerns resulting from fair working practices and diversity and increasing steps may be taken to address them and to analyze the kinds of businesses implementing policies and programs to create a diversified and equitable workforce (Wilson, J., 2014).

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Project Aim:

The aim of this study is to understand about how KFC is applying equality and diversity to enhance employee performance for improving and increasing employee motivation and performance. However, the use of equal treatment and diversity, and the use of these terms by KFC at work are also part of the research aim (Chan, T. and Chan, T.H.W. eds., 2013).

Project Objectives:

Set an objective that is essentially the project management theory. The first phase of the implementation is detecting the detailed project management objectives, because they really need to evaluate what it means to remain effective, efficient and efficient in a changing dynamic environment. It refers to the concept of requirements to be fulfilled if, under a specified timeline and with certain expenses, a project or other procedure or activity is successfully completed. The objectives reflect the economic interests of the project (Verschuren, P., et al, 2010).

  • To understand the roles of equality and diversity in enhancing employee motivation.
  • To examine the impacts of equality and diversity to enhance employee performance.
  • To recommend a better and sustainable way of applying equality and diversity at workplace.

Project Plan:

Failure to plan also leads to unsuccessful plans, while effective preparation may result in productive programs. It is more likely to achieve project goals by explicitly identifying project objectives during the preparation process and developing work plans.

This report seeks to provide a detailed overview of how the research is conducted, who participates, how it is accurately recorded and calculated and how exactly the details are transmitted. It should be used as a test for the ventures and the explanation for KFC of uncertain positions (Rita Mulcahy, P., 2009).

The Triple Constraint Theory of Projects | SmartsheetThe Project Management Plan is also a structured document that defines all elements of research — both KFC . and how much risk reduction and contingency planning will be enforced. This thorough and often updated research gives decision makers all the information they need to determine how the job job works. Up and down the timetable.

The ‘field triangle’ or ‘price triangles’ demonstrate that this concept is sacrificing. It’s a double triangle. The triangle illustrates how the three main forces apply to the initiative.

Funding is required to finish the project, low costs or easily usable resources, and the highest performance is the correct job delivery goal.

The outstanding pricing quote is required to retain the project in the budget. The life of the project will involve several expenses, and the best calculation techniques will distinguish between a successful strategy and a failure. Project risk and costs are unforeseen (McAlister, D.T., 2006).

Project Scope:

The scope of the project provides a summary of organizational equity and diversity and documents the goals, objectives, expenses and timetable of particular activities. A project scope report was known as the scope declaration that clarifies the limits of the project, outlines the position of the manager and offers feedback on the evaluation and approval of the work completed (Wysocki, R.K., 2011). The entire project includes the KFC segment of equality and diversity. This research project can identify the issues that hamper KFC ‘s problems. This research project can also be used to investigate discriminatory questions.

Time frame:

Time’s a bad piece of waste material. It is the most precious element in a project. Every activity that is actually supposed to be completed inside this project in real time. This project is therefore moving into a catastrophe with no successful time control (Clark, K.B., 1989). Indeed, it is not just the time for the fridge to predict management opportunities, but also the time for the crew to follow up. Planning on budget is the easiest way to handle opening tasks. The work assignments are calculated according to this method, and the length determined depending on the resource demand for each task.


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