Essays on Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management In Aerospace Sector

Knowledge management is often perceived as a key enabler to bridge the gap between strategizing new management practices and their correct application in an organization. Knowledge management improves the identification and transfer of best practices and prevents the repetition of mistakes. In the present modern times, aerospace companies face a global competition in manufacturing and...
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Case Study: Knowledge Management Of TCS

This overall report will be carried out based on the company, named, TCS which is the Indian IT company. There are some issues regarding properly captured the knowledge within the organization that is faced by TCS currently. These issues, therefore, need to be identified properly. However, this report could help the researchers to identify the...

Definition Of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management (KM) forms in different views, but it is as simple as knowing the way to manage your organization accordingly. There are several management frameworks that are involved, such as roles, accountabilities, processes, technologies and governance. An organization should be able to provide all these frameworks to maximize the value and a managed perspective...
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