Essays on Labeling Theory

Labeling Perspectives

Labeling perspectives, unlike Rational Choice Theories, are based on the premise that crime and criminal behavior are social processes (White 2017:98). In other words, crime and deviance can be explained as the result a social reaction process that individuals go through to become deviants (Moyer 2001:161). It focuses on how individuals typify one another, how...
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Labeling Initiative

This labeling initiative aims to increase the levels of consumer awareness regarding the life cycle, durability, and sustainability, as well as other ethical issues about electronic goods. This initiative is essential because it would promote sustainable consumption and minimize environmental harm. Numerous human activities such as exploitation of natural resources, manufacturing, and irresponsible disposal have...
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Advanced Criminological Theory

INTRODUCTION AND PLOT The movie revolves around the life of an ex-cop who had gotten out of prison through probation. Though he came out with the thought of changing and living a completely different life from his previous one, his past catches up to him and he is once again seen to be committing crimes....
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