Essays on Latin America

Environmental Pollution in Latin America

Latin America is a group of countries in the Western Hemisphere where Spanish, Portuguese, French and other Romance languages are spoken. It is also known as Hispanic America. Some countries include Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay, etc,. It consists of twenty sovereign states and Spanish several...

Women In Latin America

How might women’s role in Latin America have changed over the years? In this essay we’ll discuss the impact women have had in Latin America. I found it very interesting to see how women’s roles have changed over the course of time and I hope you will too. Although their contributions have been greatly overlooked...
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Social Movements Across Latin America: Latin America Spring

Latin American today is amid ‘Primavera Latinoamericana’ also known as the Latin America Spring. A series of escalating civil disobedience movements are happening all across Latin America protesting against the inequality, austerity measures, authoritarian rule and corruption scandals which have been taking place in the continent for decades now. The protests have been developing across...
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