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Advancements In Conventional Policing

Advancements in conventional policing have strengths and weaknesses. Commitments to community policing and flexibility within the police force are addressing evolving crime. Proactive conventional policing basic principals come from traditional police practice with the addition of technological advancements in intelligence-led policing. Operational tactics and organisational structures are changing current crime control philosophy and police practice....
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The Development Of Policing From Pre-Modern To Today

The purpose of this essay is to show the development of policing from pre-modern to today, and the key factors and people that influence and prompted change. The main feature of the development of modern policing was to promote change within the mindset of officers who viewed themselves as soldiers in a war against crime,...
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Understanding Of Rule Of Law

Rule of law simply means that government and its officials together with private citizens must under the law. The rational behind the rule of law is to control the exercise od public power by ensuring that it is exercised strictly within legal limits as such the courts play a central role in upholding the rule...
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Societal Importance Of The Rule Of Law

The rule of law is of great societal importance as it ensures the maintenance of a free, democratic and fair society. In simple terms, it is the principle that no one is above the law, including those who make and enforce it. This rule is considered to be a fundamental legal concept as it eliminates...
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Contract Law In Construction Projects

Introduction Modern day construction projects are increasingly seeing the collaboration of a large number of different professions in order to improve the speed and quality in which they are completed. Clients now tend to engage with many participants, and if there is a poor relationship between any two parties or a lack of communication, this...
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The Explanations Of The Rule Of Law

The rule of law is a term often invoked by politicians, judges, and academics, but the definition is far from certain. The lack of clearly discernible meaning is problematic, as it has been said to underpin the organisation of the state. The constitutional reform act 2005 formally recognises the importance of the rule of law...
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Criminal Law: Legal Impact Of Mens Rea For Joint Enterprise Liability

This essay will evaluate the legal impact of mens rea for joint enterprise liability according to the decisioning in R v Jogee (2016). To be discussed is the mens rea requirement of complicity and the absence of actus reus. Other derivative liabilities will be discussed in order to show the difference in the outcome of...
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