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Major Challenges In Music Industry

The music industry is facing challenges through business perspective, the copyright of music, popular music, live music and the challenges artist face. For instance, online music sharing has prompted legal challenges and industry alliances, while raising significant concerns regarding the industry future. A study in 2000 reported 14 of internet users had downloaded music for...

Gender, Peace and International Law: Localising the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

“War? Don’t speak to me of war! My daily life is battlefield enough.” [1: quote from Cynthia Cockburn 2004, 43] Feminist theorisation on war, militarisation and peace has foregrounded a “continuum of violence” in women’s lives.[footnoteRef:2] Rejecting simplified binaries of war and peace, prewar and postwar, feminist scholarship argues that women continue to experience violence...
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Law And Social Justice Essay

The issues of colonialism and imperialism are not new to international law but have appeared with varying degrees of prominence in legal discussions and practices related to the development of this area of the law over many years. International law has continued to facilitate global inequality in recent years for this reason. There are many...

Politics Priorities Concerning Freedom or Security: Critical Analysis

Should politics priorities freedom or security? The last decades have been marked by democratisation and a significant increase in the level of education and freedom of the press (Huntington, 1991). This is the argument made in Huntington’s ‘waves theory’ which illustrates the shift of most nations towards a democratic model and common social changes (ibid.)....
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Freedom of Movement: Case Reviews in the Court of Appeal

Abstract The Reid Commission, which framed the initial draft of the constitution, provided strong constitutional safeguards for basic fundamental liberties and rights such as personal liberty; equality of citizenship; freedom of movement, speech, assembly and association; freedom of religion and rights in respect of education and private property. This case review will focus more on...
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My Reasons To Choose The Career Of A Lawyer

To begin with choosing this career was pretty intense, however, I went with the career of a lawyer. A lawyer is an advocate or advisor in society that is an advocate to represent one of the opposing parties in a criminal or civil train and as an advisor to counsel clients as to their legal...
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