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Analytical Essay on Doctrine of Consistent Interpretation Versus Direct Effect EU Law

To adequately answer this question fully, it is imperative to first determine the meaning of doctrine of consistent interpretation. This measure pertains to directives and their ‘binding nature on all the authorities of Member States including…the courts.’ The doctrine of consistent interpretation or indirect effect is the ‘obligation of national courts and administrative authorities to...
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Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961: Critical Analysis

Protection Given to Women under MFLO 1961 Abstract Ayub Khan President of Pakistan promulgate the Muslim Family Law Ordinance in 1962 on recommendations of the Commission on Marriage and Family Laws. It deals with the most important unit of society, family. It is protecting the rights of women by establishing the system of registration of...
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Elements of the Tort of Negligence: Analytical Essay

(1) The first element of the tort of negligence is the duty of care. An individual is not liable for every action they take, only to those whom they owe a duty of care to. Whether this duty of care exists is usually decided by the court on a case to case basis. The landmark...
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Analytical Essay on Whether Tort Law Adequately Protects Women’s Interests in Cases of Revenge Pornography and Reproductive Torts

This essay will discuss whether tort law adequately protects women’s interests in cases of revenge pornography and reproductive torts and whether feminist perspective can provide an advancement to the adequacy of torts law. Feminist legal critiques in the UK have constantly criticized the British tort law for failing to provide adequate and accessible full compensation...
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Direct Effect EU Law and Brexit: Analytical Essay

On the 17th of October 1972, the United Kingdom became part of the EU member states after the European Communities Act 1972 had received royal assent. This then resulted in the UK becoming part of the European Economic Communities which was created in 1958 by the Treaty of Rome. Some key provisions of this act...

Critical Analysis of the Role of Functionality in 21st Century Family Law

Introduction The law regulating the family is a fast-changing field of study and practice, covering a broad range of issues and concerns arising from personal relationships. Yet one of the major issues with modern day family law surrounds the recognition of these relationships, specifically its failure in some regards to develop and evolve in line...
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