Essays on Leadership Development

Leadership Development Review

Introduction In this essay I will be discussing different aspects and strategies of my leadership development plan. I will be providing a self-assessment of my leadership skills and review for further development of my leadership skills. Self-assessment and feedbacks help me to identify and correct my leadership strategy and help me improve or change my...
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Leadership Development Model Proposal

Introduction A leader is a person who has been given a mantle via appointment, election or any other means to guide, support and lead a group of people with the aim of achieving a common goal and objective. Chemmers (1997) believes that leadership is both a practical and research skills encompassing the ability of an...
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Leadership Development Through Education, Job And Experience

1.0 Introduction According Ali (2012: 73) who cited Dran (2004), leadership is the art of propelling a group of individuals to act towards accomplishing a common objective. Al-Sawai (2013: 285) supports Ali (2012: 73) as he states that leadership has been portrayed as the behaviour of a person when directing the activities of a group...
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