Leadership, Teamwork, And Motivation: A Critical Reflection Of The Teamwork Challenges

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Team work is very important when it comes building a business. Teamwork can help with the improvement in all aspects of the business, such as ideas and a variety of skills that will collaborate to make one. Having a great team starts with great leadership. I believe when building a team, you should always get to know who you’re employing, have the right people. Having the right person, doing the right job according to their personality traits and educational background is important for the whole team. When personnel complement each other, it is easier to keep away from gaps in team’s members’ talent sets and communication. By completely utilising the unique skills of man or woman employees, team leaders/managers are able to easily delegate tasks to team participants for maximum efficiency. Which leads to timely mission completion and client satisfaction.

This essay will consist of 3 main parts for business management; First explain and give examples of my experience of teamwork process and performance in leadership, motivation and teamwork. Secondly, apply theories to those concepts. Thirdly, I will identify possible implications for the challenges faced within the business environment.

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Working in teams works really well for me as I’m a social person in general which makes it easier for me to communicate, to give feedback and take feedback without there being any conflict between some peers. In some cases I’ve been in teams where members don’t pull their weight because they lack interest and the work isn’t their priority causing group work to delay. As im growing up, my patients is not my best key skill so I tend not to argue and take everything on my back and become a one of the head leaders with help from the rest of the team so we can be happy. Throughout life trust will always be a big part for me in a team. When there is no trust, you’d always be doubting wheather that person is going to pull through without you getting involved causing frustration which can reflect the outcomes.

Only 10% of our happiness comes from things we own and 90% of our happiness comes from our relationships with other people. So, like it or not, teams are essential to our happiness in life as well as our performance (Croft, 2015). This is very true as in everything we do in life we use others to help build us up, we use others to make more money, we use others to learn etc. These close-knit relationships motivate employees in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another. Individuals possess diverse talents, weaknesses, verbal exchange skills, strengths, and habits. There are always implications for the challenges when it comes down to teamwork within a business…Trust is essential to teamwork, and it starts with human beings understanding every other. Team contributors honestly want to be acquainted, both professionally and personally, specifically in initiatives where tensions will run excessive at some point. Otherwise participants won’t apprehend every other, they won’t desire to interact due to the fact they haven’t made that human connection and they won’t wholly believe each other. Also conflict or a difference of opinion can be healthy and if deliberately oversaw, can set off useful discussions. It can make men and women think in an sudden way, extending information and understanding; development can appear and consequences prosper. Various feelings are not an awful thing. It’s the ability by means of which we take care of the contention that has any sort of effect. A project group has a brand, an picture and a reputation created through the actions and behaviours of the team members. A large phase of the appreciation is pushed through how properly the group delivers on expectations and promises made. As a mission team, you need to make positive that absolutely everyone is familiar with and takes accountability for their roles in creating the understanding of the team. This consists of each what is delivered on the venture and how it is delivered.


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