Essays on Learning Styles

Learning Styles And Goal Setting

Introduction This assignment is an essay about Learning styles and goal setting for students. Learning styles has been regarded as one of the most important factors that control the way people learn. The term learning styles conveys to the understanding that every student learn differently. It is important for the educators to understand the difference...
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Personal Experience Of Using Different Learning Styles

Introduction I don’t remember much from my early childhood that I used to like study. Throughout primary school and secondary I saw my teacher become stricter and the work become harder. I was a quick learner, which had its advantages and disadvantages. My teachers would expect me to do well without paying much attention to...
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Comparison Of Honey And Mumford Learning Styles

Upon completion of the Honey and Mumford learning style questionnaire, my highest score was on the reflector style while the least was on activist style. As a reflector, I have a careful mindset and would learn best from paired discussions, self-analysis questionnaires, receiving feedback from others and from coaching (Honey and Mumford, 2006). This questionnaire...
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The Different Learning Styles In The Classroom

A developing problem in our education system is the environment in which the learning takes place, because of the variety of different learning styles and ways in which they are being accommodated. It is evident that along with every type of personality, comes a different style of learning, therefore it is important to establish these...
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Learning Styles: Ways Of Learning And Groups Of Learners

Learning styles How we learn In order to learn we must find the best way to do that for ourselves, however as children we are taught in a certain way and this does not suit everyone. Unfortunately, this is the way it is done and unless there is a fundamental change within our education system...
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Learning Styles: Literature Review

In scholarly literature, there is an abundance of written material about learning styles (Pashler et al, 2008). Coffield et al. (2004) outlined 71 different learning styles, some more popular than others. The principle behind learning styles is that individuals can be divided into one or more styles of learning (ie. Auditory, converger, theorist) and that...
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Personal Development: The Four Learning Styles

“Personal development is a vital part of an individual’s growth and progression. By allowing you to explore key areas of self-improvement, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled in your personal life – and it could even benefit you from a professional perspective There are several benefits of own personal and professional development. Personal development assists...
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