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Equity Will Not Perfect An Imperfect Gift: The Maxim To Regulate Constitution

Question: “[T]he principle that equity will not assist a volunteer, at first sight, looks like a hard-edged rule of law not permitting much argument or exception … The principle against imperfectly constituted gifts led to harsh and seemingly paradoxical results. Before long, equity had tempered the wind to the shorn lamb (i.e. the donee). It...
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The Case Of Edward Snowden: A Hero Or Traitor

The US history is full of infamous leaks that blew the government wide open, but there‘s one set of leaks that stands head and shoulder above the others. In 2013, a contractor with a national security agency, or the NSA, quietly handed a cache of documents to the Guardian, detailing how the NSA had been...
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Edward Snowden’s Concern For Individual Privacy

1 Introduction This paper examines the raw intentions of defence contractor Edward Snowden, while he was working for the National Security Agency. It reveals when and where the secretive documents Mr. Snowden obtained were released to the public media. In addition, Mr. Snowden’s ethical concerns and actions are going to be compared with the ACM...
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The Issue Of Government Surveillance In Globalisation Age (In The Context Of Snowden's Case)

Introduction In these past decades, also known as the ‘Information Age’, data privacy and security have been prime concerns, especially after the Snowden incident and Cambridge Analytica. This has brought up several questions, primarily that of privacy protection, as well as controlling the usage and distribution of our personal information. This wasn’t always the case....

The Question Of Privacy Rights Versus National Security

This argument privacy rights versus national security has long existed for years. It’s becoming pretty hot with a lot of conflicting opinions when Edward Snowden scandal was appeared. Edward Snowden (born 1983) is a former technical staff member of the US National Security Agency (NSA) and former official of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)....
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Rights Of Women: Roe V. Wade

I have learned a great deal since enrolling in Political Science 2302. Of the subject areas discussed and studied this semester, there were a few topics that truly sparked my interest. A subject area that I enjoyed learning about was the Rights of the Criminally accused. Learning this topic allowed me to be more aware...
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The Scopes Trial In The Reactionary Twenties

Reactionary conservation and immigrant restriction was a time period of many different movements such as the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921, which put a restriction on the number of Europeans that we’re able to immigrate into the United States to 3 percent. Three years later after numerous complaints about there being too many eastern and...
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Scopes Trial In The Movie Inherit The Wind

After watching the movie “ Inherit the Wind” I think that it was the right thing to prosecute Mr Cates or any teacher for teaching evolution at that time. In that day and age the law specifically stated that schools were only legally allowed to teach from the bible in regards to how humans were...
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