Essays on Leo Tolstoy

Analysis Of Family Happiness By Leo Tolstoy

Family Happiness is one of Tolstoy’s first works. Published and set in 1859, this novella narrates the love and marriage between the young protagonist, Mashechka, and a friend of her fathers, Sergey Milkhaylych. The book explores the idea of falling in and out of love as well as the transition from having a fanciful concept...
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Leo Tolstoy Biographical Lenses

In The Death of Ivan Ilych written by Leo Tolstoy there are many parallels that can be made between the novella and Tolstoy’s personal life. Using the biographical critical lense the reader is able to further interpret Tolstoy’s novella and see the parallels between the main character, Ivan Ilych, and Tolstoy himself. With the use...
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Realistic Fictitious Story About The Napoleonic Wars In War And Peace

“Be the light in the dark, be the calm in the storm, and be the peace while at war”(Tolstoy). This is exactly what Tolstoy illustrates all throughout his novel as he portrays a realistic fictitious story about the Napoleonic Wars. This novel is from the early 19th century and first takes place in St.Petersburg around...
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