Essays on Liberalism

Realism And Liberalism In International Relations Theory: A Comparative Analysis

Introduction In understanding international relation and what happens around the world, it is important for us to look into the theories which seeks to explain this, which are; the theories of international relations. Studying the relations between nations involves the study of those theories which seeks to explain this relationship between nations (Stephen and Rose...
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Liberalism Vs. Conservatism: Comparing And Contrasting The Ideologies

Liberalism and conservatism, the two major players in the international democratic spheres of the west. Both of these ideologies seek to do the same as most ideologies, answer how we live our lives. How should politics be organised and managed, how do humans behave and how we should be handled, how should we organise the...
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The Theory Of Liberalism In International Relations

I. The Core Premises of Liberalism Liberalism – in the context of international relations – is defined as a theory that centers around society, mutual dependence, and progressive developments; these focal points are used as a basis to remedy the all-pervasive concerns of IR – the causes of war and the pursuit for peace. Specifically,...
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The Views On Diversity In Liberal Society

Cultural diversity is the eternal reality of social life. There are cultural differences in the country, and the country shares various cultures of the earth. Even in the most homogeneous countries, people recognize common races, speak the same language and believe mainly in beliefs, but subcultures still include scorpions, occupations, wealth and geographical conditions. In...
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Rawls' Liberalism As A Political Model For Former USSR Countries

In most former USSR countries, there is misunderstanding and stereotypes in regard to liberalism. Liberalism is considered to be an embodiment of anarchy and lawlessness. It is seen as an ideology of consumerism and amorality. Furthermore, it is considered to be an ideology of capitalism, deregulated markets, and a major factor of social dysfunctions and...
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Classical And Social Liberalism: A Comparative Analysis

This essay aims to analyze the different principles that characterize classical liberalism and social liberalism. In the first part it will be defined ‘liberalism’ and we will see what aspects are shared in the different forms of this doctrine. In the second part, on the other hand, we will analyze what have been the triggering...
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Movement From Liberalism To Neoliberalism: Historical Perspective

The term liberalism first got currency in the early 19th century to give conceptual interpretation to a political ideology that privileged individual liberty, ownership rights, and market power over mercantilist trade regulations. Over the course of the 20th century, the concept was “transfigured” into the “most authoritative expression” of Western civilizations, cojoined with freedom under...
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